She Likes It Rough by GVR Corcillo

Source: Blackbird Press
Paperback, 302 pages
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She Likes It Rough by GVR Corcillo is not the erotica novel most will imagine when they see the title for the first time.  In fact, Lisa Flyte, the protagonist, is eager to live life to the fullest, get braver, and do something positive and improve the lives of others.  She meets Jack Hawkins in her MBA class, and knows he’s the one to teach her about bravery.  He’s an outdoor adrenaline junkie who designs professional equipment for similar people, but he’s also got a secret and Lisa’s going to help him achieve that goal.

“I should stop.

In fact, I should’ve stopped chasing Jack twenty minutes ago.  That’s when he veered off the trail and disappeared into the forest.  But I didn’t stop.  I kept after Jack.  I pulled into the lot just in time to see him lope off the path and vanish into the green mess of a mountain.  Without stopping to consider for even a second, I put my car in park, popped the trunk, grabbed my workout bag, and jammed on my running shoes.  Then I stripped off my jacket and followed Jack into the wild.” (page 1-2)

Corcillo has a flare for comic timing, and this is a laugh fest that readers will enjoy over the summer and recommend it to others on the beach.  Female readers in particular will laugh out loud as these two spar with one another from the most mundane activities to their own trajectories in life.  Jack and Lisa are polar opposites when it comes to tackling physical and emotional challenges, but they are destined to learn from one another.  While there are moments that are overly dramatic and soap opera-like, it’s a fun ride and readers will love the antics of Lisa.  She’s a klutz who takes every challenge thrown at her by Jack, but he’s a little more reluctant to take on the challenges she throws at him.

She Likes It Rough by GVR Corcillo was fun, engaging, and a wild ride, but worth it.  Spending an afternoon with these characters is like watching a comedy.  It’s certainly that feel good read, with a good deal of romance thrown in, plus some quirky sidekicks.  Readers should be cautioned that there is some harsh language as Lisa is not a shrinking violet.

About the Author:

Winner of Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards for Best Indie Book of 2013 and Best Humor Book of 2013!   With her Ivy League education, white-trash sensibility, and pop culture savvy, Corcillo writes humorous women’s fiction about characters who try not to trip as they valiantly march to their own bongo beat.

33rd book for 2014 New Author Challenge.


  1. Not a fan of the cover, but it sounds fun.

    • The cover actually makes sense when you read the book, which was all about adrenaline rush like activities. It was so fun.

      • So if anyone is looking for a good, affordable, professional artist to illustrate a cover, annicka.com is awesome. And for cover design – not only lettering but she makes award-winning covers with images – Lex Valentine at winterheartdesign.com is the tops!

    • So cool that you guys are talking about the cover – even if the cover isn’t your cup of tea – diffrent strokes for differemt folks – here is really cool part about the cover – the artist! Annicka Rietveld, annicka.com, illustrated my conception not to perfection, but beyond! Her picture with its glossy colors goes beyond what I dreamed my perfect cover would look like. And she is so patient and professional to work with! She got across exactly what I wanted – Lisa, the fish out of water, embarking on adventures she is so not cut out for, and Jack, soooo much more at ease. I especially love how Lisa’s one shoe is coming off and you can see the lining. And the book in paperback – man, does the cover look great! I hope every indie writer can be as lucky as I am to work with such a great cover artist and cover designer – Lex Valentine at winterheartdesign.com did all the lettering and put the award on the cover.

  2. And Serena, you are spot on about misunderstandings brought about the title, intended to be tongue in cheek, since Lisa is always making life so hard on herself. To see the updated cover and the new title, go here: http://www.amazon.com/She-Likes-Tough-GVR-Corcillo-ebook/dp/B00DR52BAM/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1401856592&sr=1-1&keywords=gvr+corcillo

  3. Thank you, Serena, for taking a chance on a New Author! I am so happy you enjoyed reading my book – I am glad it made you laugh. Throughout my life, books have been a joy and a respite, and I am thrilled when I can bring such pleasure to others. And thank you for the 4 stars on Goodreads!