Review Policy

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***Review Policy Changes*** (Updated 5/11/2023):

Do to the overwhelming demands on my time, only paid reviews will receive high priority. With 35K visitors per month, you will see traction, and reviews are posted on social media.

If you would like your review of a poetry or fiction novel posted on the blog, the fee is $100 for up to 200 pages; each page after is $1 per page. For example, for a book of 175 pgs, the fee is $175, etc.

This compensates me for the time spent reading and crafting the review, but does not guarantee a 5 star review. The fee also helps to cover my blog web hosting and storage costs.

As of 2015:

Poetry will receive greater consideration among review requests than fiction or non-fiction.  Most of the other guidelines below remain in effect.


Attention Publishers, Authors, & Poets:Want to see your work reviewed honestly on Savvy Verse & Wit?

Reviews will likely include thorough overviews of what works and doesn’t work in the piece, and text from your work may be cited in reviews under Fair Use standards. Reviews will be professionally executed.

  • I do NOT guarantee positive reviews.
  • I do NOT guarantee I will finish each book.
  • Books I do NOT enjoy will be reviewed as such with professionalism and I will explain why I did NOT finish it.

Review turnaround time can be 5-6 months or more, though I cannot guarantee reviews.

I will cross-post part of my reviews on GoodReads and Amazon if asked. My latest blog postings feed directly into my Facebook page. It’s all about maximum exposure. I’ve also been known to Tweet about my latest reviews and giveaways.

I am open to poetry, literary fiction, historical fiction, experimental fiction, translated fiction, children’s picture books, and short story collections.

Those genres I am most picky about include young adult fiction, nonfiction, memoir, vampire/werewolf fiction, chicklit/women’s fiction, fantasy/sci-fi, romantic comedy, crime and thrillers, and romance.

I generally prefer NOT to read westerns, self-help, and new age books.  I also DO NOT read e-books, at least not until the time I can afford an e-reader.  I rarely read self-published books.

I choose books to review based upon their synopses, not their genre. If you don’t know where your work fits, Email Me.

A word about pitches:

Pitches should contain the time frame for review; the book title, author, and synopsis; what images/videos/audio you would like included, and whether the author is available for interviews or guest posting opportunities.

Additionally, publishers interested in sponsoring giveaways should include information about how many copies and any shipping restrictions.

Most importantly, please address me as either “Dear Serena” or “Dear Savvy Verse & Wit”.