I spend a lot of time touting the writing of others, but this is my little list of publications.


Check them out:





  • “What Is the One Thing the Pandemic Has Taught You About Writing” at Brevity (2021)
  • “Writers and Creators Discuss What It Means to Make Art in the Trump Era” at Electric Literature (2017)
  • “The Poetry Scene – Twenty Years Later” at Modern Creative Life (2017)
  • “Overnight Success Is Overrated: A Book Bloggers Journey” at Luna Luna Magazine (2016)
  • “Blogging: Savvy Verse & Wit” at Writer’s Center (2011)



Podcast Interview/Readings:

Takoma Park Arts Poetry Series – Poetry of Struggle and Solidarity:

Poetic Lines with Elizabeth Lund:

Poetic Lines – Serena Agusto-Cox from NewTV on Vimeo.

Poets in the Blogosphere: There’s A Poem In This Place Reading:

There’s a Poem in This Place from Elizabeth Gauffreau on Vimeo.

DiVerse Gaithersburg: Celebration of The Great World of Days anthology at Java Junction (posted on The Poetry Channel)

Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio with Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram

And I Thought Ladies, which also can be watched below on YouTube:

And here is the audio from the And I Thought Ladies:

Online Readings:

Poets v. the Pandemic (about 20:55):


Poets on the Patio at Literary Hill BookFest 2021 (about 2:57:20):

The Literary Hill BookFest 2021:

The Inner Loop and This Is What America Looks Like (about 14:15):

The Poetry Channel with Indran Amirthanayagam:

The Plague Papers Reading #2 at Inlandia Institute (about 21:39):