Editing Services

Savvy Verse & Wit founder and owner Serena M. Agusto-Cox has more than 20 years experience in editing newsletters, plus experience in working with PR materials, website content, and book manuscripts.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, article, website content, or other material for editing, please email savvyverseandwit at gmail DOT com.

Subject of the email should read either Basic Editing Services Requested or Story Editing Services Requested

In the email, include name, email, document to be edited, and PayPal address through which an invoice can be submitted for payment. 

Half payment is due upon receipt of the invoice before edits begin, with the remainder paid before edits are emailed back to the client.

Services available:

1.  Basic Copy-Editing Services, which includes corrections to typos, grammar, spelling $1.50 per 250 word page.

2.  Story Editing Services, which style suggestions (scenes that don’t add to the story, characterization, plot, etc.) $2.50 per 250 word page.

3. Poetry manuscript editing services include grammar, typos, etc., as well as examination of the flow of poems in the manuscript. $30 per hour.

Expedited editing services subject to availability and require a separate fee equal to one half the total project price.

Other services may be available upon request and cost negotiated at the time of discussion.

Examples of Books I’ve edited/proofread — Available for Purchase:

I’ve also edited a thesis, poetry collections, and other manuscripts that are not yet published, as well as short stories.


“Serena recently completed an edit for my first novel, The Last Word, and I was so pleased with her thorough and perceptive recommendations.  It’s the second book she’s helped me with, the first a non-fiction World War II book in 2016.  In both cases, I benefitted from her attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile.  I found her very accessible as I did my read-throughs, and both works are much improved due to her diligence.  Many thanks, Serena.” – Ron Miner, Author of The Last Word and Sketches of a Black Cat.

“I was nervous when I hired Serena to story edit for me because I had had bad experiences with (unpaid) beta editors in the past. I was incredibly relieved to open my document and find that Serena’s comments were similar to what my favorite beta might have said! I was instantly put at ease. She combined her criticisms and suggestions with praise, too, just like Rose would have! Serena’s suggestions were spot-on with what I had suspected was wrong, and my story is better for having had her touch added to it. Also important to me was that she completed the project when she promised she would, and her prices were commensurate with what others charge. I will definitely hire her again in the future! ” — Zoe Burton, Author and member of the Romance Writers of America and Jane Austen Society of North America

“Serena came highly recommended to me by a writer friend who had recently contracted with her to edit a book length non-fiction manuscript. He promised me that she would be perceptive and thorough, and in all ways very professional and easy to work with — all true. She did a great job editing my short story, When the Heat’s Off. I was able to publish it feeling a new level of confidence, and I will definitely consider contacting her for my next project. Thanks, Serena.” –Ginger Bensman

“As a new writer I was so lost in the process that I didn’t know where to begin. I found Serena through a mutual friend and she edited my book and helped guide me throughout the process. She was really efficient and responsive and helped me shape the book. Great work. Thanks, Serena.”
–Cristina Hanif.