National Poetry Month Tour Schedule & Linky

Welcome to the 2014 National Poetry Month: Reach for the Horizon Blog Tour!

I do have a couple open dates still, but this is the schedule for April 2014 as it stands, with our first post on Savvy Verse & Wit and Rhapsody in Books!

April 1: Beth Hoffman and Rhapsody in Books
April 2: Book Snob
April 3: Bermudaonion
April 4: Tabatha Yeatts
April 5: Rhapsody in Books and Still Unfinished
April 6: Rhapsody in Books
April 7: The Bluestocking Society
April 8: the bookworm
April 9:  Lost in Books
April 10: Come, Sit By The Hearth
April 11:  Book Dilettante
April 12:  Rhapsody in Books
April 13: I’d Rather Be at the Beach
April 14:  Sophisticated Dorkiness
April 15:  Reader Buzz
April 16:  Everything Distils Into Reading
April 17: Necromancy Never Pays
April 18: Peeking Between the Pages
April 19:  Rhapsody in Books
April 20:  Rhapsody in Books
April 21:  Burning the Bridges
April 22:  Erica Goss
April 23:  Diary of an Eccentric
April 24:  Sweta Srivastava Vikram
April 25: Melissa Firman
April 26: Beth Kephart
April 27:  I’d Rather Be at the Beach and Emma Eden Ramos
April 28:  Regular Rumination
April 29:  Mary McCray
April 30:  Tabatha Yeatts

For those participating this year, please leave your post link below: