Guest Post: Why I Love Poetry by Beth Hoffman

The number one reason why poetry has become a valuable part of my life is simple: it helps me be a better writer. I’m a novelist, and by reminding me to hone extraneous words from my sentences, poetry is my most respected and formidable teacher. Whenever I feel uninspired or stale or lazy, I’ll turn to poetry for inspiration and guidance. Sometimes that inspiration comes in the form of a slap in the face. A friendly slap, but a slap just the same.

Poetry wakes me up.

No other literary genre has the power to evoke imagery and emotions in so few words. And ditto for urging the reader to slow down and ponder those things that, at first blush, seem imponderable.

Be it with a touch as light as morning’s breath, or the shattering blow of a hammer, poetry speaks to the deepest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves, if only we can slow down enough to listen. And think.

This short video clip from the film DEAD POETS SOCIETY sums it up far better than I … What will your verse be?

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