Guest Post: An Introduction to Poetry Friday by Tabatha Yeatts

National Poetry Month is a big month for the Poetry Friday crowd. What is Poetry Friday? I turned to Poetry Friday regulars to help me explain.


In an article for the Poetry Foundation, Susan Thomsen explains Poetry Friday this way: “Readers, writers, teachers, parents, librarians, homeschoolers, illustrators, and editors share favorite poems for children and adults, link to cool poetry sites, describe readings they’ve been to, and recommend great books about poetry.”

If you think you might be interested but need a little enticement, let me tell you about the variety of things Poetry Friday has to offer:


It’s where we meet to learn, to teach, to hold each other up on this challenging, not-always-graceful journey to a poem. –April Halprin Wayland

Thanks to this group, I have written all sorts of poems I never could have imagined before. Lots of inspiration! –Irene Latham

I didn’t write poetry for over twenty years, and PF helped me find my voice again. –Renée LaTulippe

There are “friends” out there that I’ve never met, friends who share my enthusiasm for a good poem or who ask interesting questions about writing, art, life, whatever. I don’t care if their friendship comes to me online – that’s fine. Writing can be isolating – and I’m comfortable with my friends arriving via different modes of delivery. I like the connective tissue that gets formed no matter how we meet. –Julie Larios


One of the greatest gifts I have received is a community that honors each other. We are full of kindness and acceptance and there isn’t enough of that in the world. Some of us are teachers facing the daily challenges of Common Core and state testing and closed minds. I feel safe in this place we call Poetry Friday. I also feel celebrated. When I post about my students’ work, you always praise me and compliment their work. I can’t tell you what that does to fuel me. I have finally found a group of people as nuts about poetry as I am. –Margaret Simon

It’s where I met ‘my people’ to exchange original poems, poems from mentors and share student poetry. –Jone Rush MacCulloch

One thing I can add since I feel I’m one of the newest Poetry Friday people is how welcoming the community has been to me. I love poetry, and…I was thrilled to find company who were both passionate and knowledgeable. –Linda Baie

I love PF because it allows me share poems I love, find new poems to express my thoughts and feelings, and discover new poets through our PF community. And, I love that the format allows me to write and incorporate visual elements and music. –Tara Smith


If you are human with a pulse and a heart, there is a poem for you. Poetry Friday might help you find that poem or inspire you to write your own. 🙂 –Jama Rattigan

I’d also say that the fun of Poetry Friday for me is really in that sense of community – there are others who want to celebrate poetry, and thanks to the web, we can find each other and connect. The weekly tradition – the ritual, almost – helps me think of poetry even when I don’t blog on a Friday, and that’s nice, too. –Greg Pincus

When I first began reading the posts and participating, I had a good base knowledge of children’s poetry and a true interest. But in the last year, I have learned so much more and my interest has grown tremendously! I’ve also “met” so many wonderful, intelligent, talented writers that I am now thrilled to call friends. It is truly a special community! –Becky Shillington

Don’t be afraid to jump right in! It’s such a welcoming, supportive community. I haven’t encountered a warmer or more passionate group of poetry-lovers anywhere on the web or otherwise. It’s the highlight of my blogging week. –Irene Latham

As I’m getting back into posting and visiting at least SOME of the many wonderful posters each week, it feels like coming home… Thank you, all of you, for *being* Poetry Friday! –Laura Purdie Salas

For someone new, I say, “Welcome!” If you like poetry – even a little – join us. If you are afraid of poetry, join us. If you love poetry, join us. –Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


When I started posting on Poetry Friday a few years ago, I learned it takes a little while to attract regular commenters, and it’s worth the effort to get to know this generous community. Leaving a heartfelt sentence or two in response to other blog posts is a great way to get and stay involved. –Robyn Hood Black

I comment from the heart – whatever my response may be. I love reading comments to discover other thoughts, interpretations, reactions – these are so much fun, for they make you look at the poem in a completely different way. –Tara Smith

Comment on what strikes you, and if you do not have a blog, consider beginning one for your own poetry findings and explorations. –Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


There’s a huge range of what you can do. You can share a poem, a song, a poetry book. You can put as much or as little effort into it as you can spare. Here’s a small selection so you can see a bit of the variety. Also, feel free to make the rounds of this week’s round-up!

Joy begins a poem and invites commenters to add to it

Laura at Author Amok wraps up a month of color poems

Colette discusses students memorizing Invictus

Charles (Father Goose) shares an illustrated original poem

A tea party with poems at Jama’s

A vacation and poetry from Dori

Heidi shares a poem from a non-poetry-centered magazine

Matt talks about revising poems

An original poem by Steven with background info

Ruth talks about Poetry Fridayers at the International Reading Convention
Favorite poems for fictional characters at my blog


Poetry Friday began in 2006 as the brainchild of Kelly Herold. Blogs who win the longevity award for being a part of Poetry Friday from the start include Check It Out, GottaBook, MotherReader, Poetry for Children, A Wrung Sponge, and A Year of Reading.


Anyone who is willing to gather the links in some way, shape or form. Read more about it at A Year of Reading.


  1. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says

    I’ve never visited Poetry Friday, but I think I need to. Thank you.

    Hope you will stop by Readerbuzz and take a look at my contribution to Poetry Month, The Official Readerbuzz Guide to All Things Children Poetry-ish.

  2. I used to contribute for Poetry Friday. I do not know how or why I stopped. I will go back. Thanks for this post!!

    Here is my contribution for the National Poetry Month Tour

    • Thanks for participating. I’ve added your link to the Linky. I haven’t contributed to Poetry Friday, and I honestly have no idea why?! Although, it could be the three-year-old makes me forget…

  3. Bravo, Tabatha ~ wonderfully explained and choreographed!

  4. Tabatha — I love the way you posted about the Poetry Friday community by including so many of its voices.

  5. This is a wonderful collection of what Poetry Friday means to us all. Thanks for putting it together, Tabatha. I am proud to be a part of this community of writers.

  6. Many thanks, Tabatha, for capturing all the Poetry Friday highlights! And thanks to this great blog for hosting you. Happy Poetry Month to all….

  7. Wow, Tabatha. Great article. I will link it. Thanks for including me.

  8. Fabulous introduction to Poetry Friday, Tabatha! This is an article to which I’ll link over and over again!

  9. Brava, Tabatha! You’ve made it very clear that Poetry Friday is for EVERYONE, and that everyone will find a warm welcome and, hopefully, just the words they were looking for, even if they didn’t know it. Serena, thank you for hosting Tabatha and putting a spotlight on Poetry Friday. 🙂

  10. Tabatha, you did a superb job of capturing the nuts-and-bolts business of Poetry Friday as well as the generous, creative spirit that makes it all work. Will you be our Chief Ambassador this year?

  11. Tabatha, you did a superb job of capturing both the nuts-and-bolts business of Poetry Friday *and* the generous, creative spirit that makes it all work. Will you be our Chief Ambassador this year?

  12. Well done, Tabatha! A wonderful round-up of comments and posts to share the weekly feast with others. Thank you for the effort you invested in this post!

  13. Great post! I hadn’t heard of Poetry Friday before reading this.

  14. It’s a special post and collection of the diversity of those who share on Poetry Friday Tabatha. I’ll always be grateful for those who have welcomed me, and also those who teach me by writing and sharing. Thank you for hosting Tabatha, Serena. This is special!

  15. Thank you for including me!!

  16. What a perfect article for sharing the loving community that is Poetry Friday! I, too, feel deeply indebted to this welcoming family in so many ways.

  17. Thanks for your support, Tabatha – of all of us! This post is brimming with info for folks interested in poetry & Poetry Friday!

  18. Oh, I am just bursting with love after reading this. Thanks, Tabatha! My favorite line, from Jama Rattigan: “If you are human with a pulse and a heart, there is a poem for you.” YES!

  19. Great roundup of links, thanks!!!

  20. What a wonderful celebration of everything Poetry Friday. I will be sharing this and pinning it for future reference and posts. Thank you, Tabatha, for your generosity and your reaching out to make this post too. Happy PF to one and all!


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