Summer…..Reads, a Giveaway, and More

It may be summer, but the weather does not really feel as sweltering as normal.  We have cool mornings and breezes, instead of stagnant, bogged down, humid air.  That will come as summer moves in more, but I’m enjoying these days with the windows open at night, less air conditioning, and my hot coffee at the desk.

As many of you probably know already, my daughter is on a summer swim team.  She’s having a blast, though yesterday’s meet was the first time I saw her cry over her race in kickboarding.  She complained to me that she was not fast anymore.  I told her that everyone has a bad day, but she really didn’t cheer up until her best friend came to see her second event, the freestyle.  She was much happier after that.

I’ve finished quite a few WWII books lately, and my best of list is expected to keep growing for 2017 since I’ve read so many gems.  It’s amazing how many great books are out there.  Currently, I’m reading through a collection of Pride & Prejudice short stories in The Darcy Monologues.  I’m really enjoying them so far, and I love that they are all from Mr. Darcy’s point of view.

I’m working on a list of books I want to read this summer, too.  I’m a bit behind in my planning.  Shhh.

June 12 was my 10-year blogiversary.  It’s hard to believe that this blog started that long ago.  I feel like I’m still discovering new books and new readers online.  It’s not as close-knit as it once was, but this club has expanded beyond my imagination, and I hope it continues to do so.

In honor of this blogiversary, I’d love to hear from readers about when you started reading, why, and what book you’d pick from my reviews, if you could win one.  

Open internationally.  Just one book per person.  Browse the reviews.

I’ll pick a couple winners at the end of July.


  1. Talented swimmer

  2. http://iliana says

    Congratulations on your bloggiversary! How things have changed in 10 years right? Here’s wishing you many more anniversaries! I started reading at a very young age and really appreciate that my parents always encouraged me to read. From your reviews I would pick The Alice Network.

    • It’s funny, my parents didn’t really encourage it. It was my nana. My parents read, but never really read in front of me. I do remember the TV on a lot.

  3. http://Michelle says

    I started reading when I was young because it was an escape from my large family 🙂 I would choose Mr. Darcy to the Rescue or The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime from your reviews.

  4. First of all…Happy Blogiversary!!! 10 years! What a milestone.

    My mom told me that I had a very hard time when I first started to learn to read. She said I so wanted to and I was very determined. I think I was in pre-school (or maybe kindergarten). I remember they gave me these early reader books that had red paper covers and one of the main characters was always a lion. Wish I could remember what they were called. Anyway, I practiced and practiced and that’s where it all started. Once I grasped it, there was no stopping me. I always had my nose in a book. When I used to go out to eat with my family, I would read until the food came. In school, all the way up through high school, I always had a book with me so I could read after finishing a test, etc. A lifelong reader I am! I noticed Darcy’s comment below. I still have all of my childrens’ books from when my sister and I were kids. My mom saved them and kept them at her house. My sister’s kids would read them over the years. When I had kids, mom gave them to me and I still have them. My boys read them and now I can’t wait to share them with my grandchildren someday.

    The book I would pick from your outstanding list of books reviewed is The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff. Thanks for the chance!

    • Wow, I’m glad to hear about your determination to read. That’s awesome. And you have all those books passed down.

  5. http://DarcyBennett says

    Happy blogiversary! I loved reading from a very young age. I stil have my favorite books as a child and have been able to share them with my children. I think I really developed a love of reading because I enjoy being able to immerse myself in other worlds. If I could only pick one title to own that you reviewed it would be The Exile: Kitty Bennet and the Belle Époque.

  6. http://Suko says

    Happy blogiversary! I’ve loved books since I learned how to read. They ignited up my imagination from an early age. Thank you for offering this special giveaway! So many of your reviews are compelling. If I were to win a book, how about March, Book One? Thanks again! I hope you’ll blog for many more decades.

  7. http://bermudaonion(Kathy) says

    Happy blogiversary! My earliest memories of reading are of sitting at the kitchen table reading to my mom while she fixed dinner.

    • That’s awesome. Let me know if you have a book you’d want from my reviews. So you can be entered.

  8. http://Anna%20(Diary%20of%20an%20Eccentric) says

    Gosh, I don’t remember exactly when I started reading. It just feels like something I’ve always done, that it was just natural for me. But I know I was very little and my parents both read to me at bedtime. Reading has always been an escape for me, and I don’t know what I’d do without books in my life!

    Happy blogiversary! I can’t believe we’ve both been doing this for 10 years. What an accomplishment!

    From the extensive list of books you’ve reviewed, I’d choose Impertinent Strangers by P.O. Dixon.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. http://Mystica says

    I started reading very very young, mainly because I was an only child, with no playmates. My parents did not encourage going to play as such with neighbours so books became my companions.
    I’d like to read The Alice Network from your collection!
    Congratulations on the anniversary

    • Thanks, Mystica. Hard to believe 10 years have passed. I know what you mean about having books as companions.