Karen White Comes to Maryland

I found out that Karen White would be in Boonsboro, Md., at Turn the Page Bookstore, which has a couple of famous authors — Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb — filling the shelves.  Roberts’ husband owns the store, and her son owns the pizzeria and Italian restaurant Vesta.  Yes, in the 100-degree weather, the hubby, girl, father-in-law, and I piled into the Honda and headed north, promptly got lost, but found our way again.  Drove winding roads near farms and woods to reach Boonsboro, which is a quaint little town, with very little downtown for men to do.

Turn the Page

We found Turn the Page Bookstore really easily after following the directions past the traffic light.  It was after 10 AM, which was the start time for handing out the signing tickets, but I was able to still get one and be in Group E, which they told me would begin lining up at 1 PM.  I was definitely disappointed that it was only a signing and not a reading with a question-and-answer period, plus signing, but I also hadn’t realized there would be about seven authors present signing their books that day.  I also learned that you could only get books signed that you bought from the bookstore, and I’m glad that I decided I didn’t feel like lugging all 7 of my Karen White books up to Boonsboro.  I bought my mom a copy of the book, Sea Change (my review), and got it signed for her, along with the copy I already had.

We took a walk up the main road and back and checked out a local park.  Finally, we had a bit of coffee and cookies, plus some of the best Sweet Tea ever at Icing Bakery & Cafe.  Sitting out in the heat was not a great plan, so after realizing that the wait would be awhile for me, since I was group E, the little one, daddy, and grandpa headed back to the car with the air conditioning.

Meanwhile, I waited outside until about 10 minutes before 1 PM and walked into the store to find out that they were only on Group D! There is no central air in the main store, but there were fans and I found a bunch of Group E members waiting in what we called the “holding pen.”  We had some good chats about how none of us knew there were more than one author at the signing until we got to the bookstore.

It was interesting to learn about what others found so engaging about the authors they were there to see, and of course, I was talking up Karen White to everyone and even hand-sold a few copies while in line waiting.  After what seemed like an eternity, there was light at the end of the tunnel; and after nearly passing out a few times, the central air conditioning was found.

Crowd of bookish fiends

One of the ladies in line makes her own jewelry, even out of old silverware, and she has her own little online Website that she’s still working on.  I wished her luck crafting her jewelry.

And I finally got to meet Karen!  She was extremely forgiving because as you all know I’m an incredible klutz and spilled water on her when we went to have our picture taken.  She said that at least it was mostly on the table and a little on her and NOT on the books!  Too gracious!  I thank her for that entirely!  I was so embarrassed!  (See Karen, I totally own up to my foibles!)  Anyway, I will leave you with our photos!

Serena & Karen White

Karen White & Savvy Verse & Wit


  1. I remember your update on FB and how worried you were about not getting a ticket. I am so glad you got to see her.

  2. Nora Roberts/J D Robb also owns the hotel in the town and her currently trilogy is set there too!

    I would love to meet Karen White, although I think I would try not to spill water on her because I would get the books or something!

  3. Leave it to you to spill water on Karen White, LOL. Glad you were able to meet here even if the store and the signing left much to be desired.

    • Yeah, you know me, Klutz to the end. But then again, there wasn’t a lot of space there for the lines and chatting, etc…or pictures.

  4. What a fun day for you! That little town looks delightful despite the crazy heat!

  5. I’ve met Karen a few times, the last time I actually had her and three other authors in my back seat. I was the chauffeur that drove everyone to dinner. Talk about being in la-la land. I felt like I’d won the lottery. She is the picture of Southern grace and charm, that lady. And I love her books.

  6. I’m so glad you got to meet Karen – she is wonderful! Next time, make the trek down my way and go to lunch with her! Oh, how I wish you could!