Perpetual Challenge Accepted

As many of you know, I read It by Stephen King last year as a read-a-long with Anna and really loved re-reading the novel. I’ve just learned recently that there is a Stephen King Perpetual Reading Challenge.

There will be several mini-challenges, which I may or may not participate in — time permitting, but here’s a look at the schedule for that:

Feb | March | April — mini-challenge
May | June | July — mini-challenge
Aug | Sept | Oct — mini-challenge
Nov | Dec — free months

Giveaway instructions related to the mini-challenges are listed, here.  I’m joining to make sure that I read all of the King books I have not read, with at least 1 read this year.  I’m going to start with the new book, 11/22/63.

Do you plan on joining?


  1. Have fun with this challenge! I really enjoyed It, but not sure I want to delve into King again right now.