My 2010 Challenge Failures

OK, here comes the truth.  I signed up for 12 reading challenges this year, knowing full well that I would be unable to finish them all.  But it was meant to challenge me, right?  I was challenged and finished 9 out of 12 challenges.  Not a bad record, so I’m not going to feel too bad about it.

My biggest failure was the 2010 All About the Brontes Challenge for which I read ZERO books by the June 30th deadline.

However, I gave myself an extension through the end of the year, and I still only read 1 book of poetry.

My second failure is the Vampire Series Challenge.  I read 4 books for this challenge, though most of them were in the Sookie Stackhouse Series.  I did read the short novella from the Twilight series and the latest Christopher Moore book in his vampire series.  I only missed completing this one by 2 books.

My third failure is the Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge, though for this one, I actually read 4 out of 10 books in the series.

I’m likely to finish reading all of these books at some point, so I’m sure you’ll see reviews of these in the new year.

What challenges did you finish?  Which challenges did you fail to finish?


  1. Heck..9 out of 12 is still really good! At least you read some books for each one too, even if you did have to extend the deadline for the first one. lol

  2. Twelve is a lot. You made a good effort though, Serena, and as long as you had fun in the process–that’s all that really matters. And, in my mind, that counts the challenges as successes. 🙂 I only took on three challenges this year and was able to get them all done. I overdid it the year before and so was trying to take it a bit easier.

  3. I think you did a great job with all of them….I know for a fact that I signed up for too many in 2011 but oh well, it’s always fun! 😀

  4. Well, as long as you had fun. I wouldn’t think of yourself as a failure, though.

    I finished the challenges I signed up for, but I only did 4. LOL