Nexxt Leena Angled Bookshelf Review

CSN Stores has a wide variety of bookshelves and other products, and I have purchased shelves with them before and loved them.  Recently, I was offered a bookshelf for review.  My husband selected the Nexxt Leena Angled Bookshelf.  When the first box arrived, the vertical pieces were cracked during shipment, so I had to request a replacement box.

The second box came, and my husband was thrilled he could finally put this shelf together.  The directions were very sparse with very little explanation of which pieces went where on the vertical pieces or which way it should be assembled.  Unfortunately, while putting this shelving unit together following these directions, the vertical pieces couldn’t handle the pressure and cracked once again.

Upon calling CSN’s customer service in the evening about this unit, I was told to call when the warehouse was open to have them check to make sure the directions were written correctly?!  I’m not sure how that would have helped or how they would have determined that the directions were wrong.  The next day, they offered to send me yet another box.

It came later than the 2 days promised, but I took the afternoon to assemble it myself.  I measured each shelf and measured each section bisected by the vertical pieces to make sure the horizontal shelves were in the correct locations after taking the time to deduce that the crazy scribbled numbers in the directions of the fully assembled piece were those measurements.  I put the shelf together and waited for my husband to bring home his electric drill.

After much frustration and angst over this shelf, we finally got it together and struggled to put it up on the wall.  We noticed that the placement for the wall anchors on the direction sheet were incorrect, and we had to shift around the anchors a few times to get the shelf to sit right on the wall.  I got to put some great books on the shelves.

These shelves are very full now, and it does look nice, but I doubt we’d buy this shelf again after all that trouble.


  1. Awww – I’m sorry it was such a pain to put together. It will definitely be a conversation piece.

    My husband plans on having a friend create bookshelves for us that can be placed on a wall behind a door. We’ll have to see how that works out. 🙂
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  2. That is one funky looking shelf but I wouldn’t have had the patience to go through all that. It probably would have ended up as firewood.

  3. Whoa, that kind of looks like something out of Beetlejuice! It’s kinda funky looking, though, and you arranged the books etc. nicely on it.
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  4. It’s an interesting shelf but it does seem to be a lot of trouble.
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  5. Sounds like it was a pain to put together but it does look very nice! I have to say that as much as I do like quirky, odd bookshelves when it comes down to it I prefer just a bookshelf that will allow me to stack in as many books as possible. So, I guess I go for more space rather than looks when it comes to bookshelves 🙂
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  6. aww, sorry to hear about the troubles you had with this shelf. at least the end product looks great though. i think i’m going to avoid ordering a shelf like this now though. it may look awesome, but not worth the hassle.

  7. I really like the odd angles of the shelves. Too bad it was such a pain to deal with.
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  8. Though it is a really neat and eclectic shelf, it sounds as if there were a lot of issues in getting it up. Sorry to hear things were so difficult with all this!
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  9. It does sound like more trouble than it was worth, but it sure does look nice. I’d be worried about stuff sliding off, though.

    • You have to watch what items you put on certain parts of the shelving to make sure they don’t slide off, but for the most part its not angled too much.

  10. I’m sorry you had so much trouble, but the shelf looks really good. It’s very unique and goes with the rest of your decor.
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    • I guess it goes well, but I hate things that have to be hung on the wall…it takes up my framed photography space!

  11. Alessandra says

    Well, it looks pretty original. Not sure I’d want shelves to look like that in my house, though. I’d prefer something boring but straight!
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