Ravens by George Dawes Green (audio)

Ravens by George Dawes Green on audio, which I received from a giveaway on Peeking Between the Pages, is action-packed, engaging, and unique.  Readers are first introduced to Shaw McBride and Romeo Zderko, two young gentlemen fed up with the “system” and anxious to leave Ohio for the great unknown and make their mark.  Unfortunately, Shaw has a dark side and Romeo can lose control of his emotions.

The young men are traveling south and end up in Brunswick, Georgia, where they learn the identity of the state lottery winners — the Boatwrights.  Shaw concocts a plan to garner the men at least half if not more of the $318 million prize.

The narrators shift between the Boatwrights, the local police officer, Romeo, and Shaw, with Maggi-Meg Reed’s Southern accent pretty close to the real thing and Robert Petkoff slightly dramatic in his portrayal.  However, each character’s voice was easily discernible, making it easy to follow the shifting narration.  Listeners will be drawn into the plight of the Boatwrights and may even sympathize with Romeo, but Shaw is another story.  The tension is palatable, and readers will be kept guessing as to how the extortion situation will be resolved.

Ravens on audio made the commute fly by, and those that love mysteries and thrillers will find this a satisfactory listen.  My husband and I often became absorbed in the story and had to wait for a chapter to end outside my office building in the mornings before I got out of the car.  He loved the ending the best, though it is graphic, because it resolves the situation in a satisfactory way.

This is my 2nd book for the 2010 New Authors Challenge.

I’m considering this for my 1st book in the psychological thriller category for the 2010 Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge.

FTC Disclosure: I received my free copy of the Ravens audiobook from a fellow blogger.  Clicking on title and image links will lead you to my Amazon Affiliate page; No purchase necessary, though appreciated.


  1. Yaaaay! I'm so glad you and hubby enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks for the reminder of why this book was on my Paperback Swap wishlist. I had forgotten!

  3. Staci: I think this audio does a very good job with all the narrators' voices.

  4. I read reviews of this and it sounded pretty interesting. I commend you for listening to it!! I have a problem with audio books…most of the time I don't the narrator's voice!

  5. Iliana: I typically don't read this type of thriller either, but other bloggers were raving about it. I thought it worked really well as an audio.

  6. Thank you for the review, Serena. I was curious about the book too and didn't know anything about it really. Not really my typical crime novel but if I'm up for something a bit different I may have to give this a go. Actually I think my mystery book group would love this. I'll recommend it!

  7. Anna: I'm trying to stay more on top of challenges this year. I have quite a few going and the more books I can plug into more than one challenge the better….but I'm also reading more of the ones I want to and trying to pressure me less.

    Bermudaonion: I think your review is one of the ones that actually got me interested in Ravens.

  8. bermudaonion says

    Both Carl and I enjoyed this book! We got to meet the author at a storytelling event in Savannah and he was great!

  9. Sounds like something Jerry would enjoy listening to. You're such a good doobie with the challenges so early in the new year!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  10. Sandy; I hadn't read any mediocre reviews of this one…only positive reviews…I really liked it on audio, but I think it would even work as paper-based book too. I think you should read it. It would be good for the audiobook challenge too with only 8 discs.

  11. Sandy Nawrot says

    I've always liked the cover, but dismissed the book for some reason. I must have read a mediocre review. But then I THINK Stephen King had it on his list for top books this year, so now I want to read it again. You just solidified that for me. I'm off to try to get it on audio!

  12. Ladytink_534 says

    It sounds like an interesting read and I'm glad to hear it's a great way to pass car time!