Bloggiesta Update! LOL

I hadn’t planned on updating, but I thought I would share photos from the line that began forming at least 30 minutes before the library sale started.

Yes, it is this crowded every 2nd Saturday of the month, except August when there is no library sale.

So another thing crossed off the list!


I’ve worked at total of 12 hours on my blogs.  Check out what tasks I’ve crossed off my list.


Bloggiesta has started again.

Lets party with nachos, burritos, and WORLD CUP!

Ok, this is a digression, but I’ll be under the FIFA spell for the next month or so.  Yes, I will cheer on the U.S., but ultimately, my celebrations with focused on Portugal, my favorite national team and home team of my grandparents and my father. I’ve been a soccer (excuse me, futbol) junkie for a long time, so please bear with me. If you want to join my World Cup league on Yahoo, go here. Send me an email and I will get you login details.

I’ve signed up this go around, and I want to provide you with a to-do list, which I will cross out as I accomplish these goals:

1.  Draft at least 1 month of Virtual Poetry Circle posts

2.  Send out new email interviews to poets

3.  Draft a challenges update post

4.  Write up a Books We Love post for Book Chick City

5.  Write up a The Blogger’s Bookshelf post for Book Chick City

6.  Write up a Reading Challenge update post.

7.  Catch up on That’s How I Blog shows I’ve missed

8.  Catch up on reading Google reader

9.  Head off to the library sale on Sat. (that counts right?!)

10.  Write up a Mailbox Monday post

11.  Add reviews to the War Through the Generations blog

12. Write up a review of Inside the Vietnam War for the war blog.

13.  Schedule One Amazing Thing review.

14.  Schedule Confessions of Catherine de Medici review.

15.  Schedule Blogiversary post

I could be adding to this list as well as crossing out items I’ve completed.  We’ll see how far I get.  Thanks for hosting this, Natasha.

My First Bloggiesta!

Welcome to my first Bloggiesta!  I’ve decided to sign-up and makes some progress on this blog and War Through the Generations.

For the War blog, here are my goals:

1.  Get the initial Vietnam War Reading Challenge reviews posted.
2.  Link the books on the WWII list to the Amazon Affiliate page to hopefully generate money to pay for giveaways and shipping.
3.  Add books to the recommended reading list for the Vietnam War Challenge (though I think this will be ongoing)

4.  Check on our guest post submissions for the Vietnam War Reading Challenge
5.  Back up the blog

For this blog, here are my goals:

1.  Add a copyright to my feed (which I just did earlier today–so let’s check this off the list)
2.  Rearrange sidebars to my satisfaction
3.  Ensure all challenge reviews have the appropriate challenge tags, images, and links
4.  Make sure that all challenge book reviews are linked on appropriate challenge pages
5.  Organize Google Reader and makes sure all Vietnam War Reading Participants are in their own folder
6.  Update my spreadsheet of ARC and review books and take stock
7.  Think up some article ideas on writing and editing
8.  Comment on as many posts in my Google Reader as possible
9.  Make sure to post at least the first Virtual Poetry Circle post of the New Year!
10.  Backup the blog

I hope I can accomplish at least some of this over the weekend.  If I even get just the War blog stuff done, I will be happy.

Thanks to Natasha of Maw Books for hosting.

I think I’m going to update this post as I go through the Bloggiesta, so you’ll see more cross-outs as I go along. 

***Update at 6:30PM***

I spent about 1 hour before my nap working on sidebars, woke up at 5PM, and have been working for 1.5 hours on backing up the blog and getting the next Virtual Poetry Circle post ready.  Including the time it took me to read and understand the mini-challenge about adding the copyright to my feed earlier in the day, I’ve spent about 3 hours on bloggiesta so far.  

I’ve started updating the WWII Reading list with affiliate links, but I need a break…so that’s 3.5 hours on Bloggiesta so far.  How are you doing?

***Update 1/10/10***

I’ve made significant progress during Bloggiesta!  I’ve been working on linking the WWII recommended reading books to the Amazon Affiliate page, but this may be a long-term project as it gets tedious and tiring.  

I have checked on the guest posts for the 2010 Vietnam War Challenge and will be drafting the review posts we have thus far from our participants.

In total, I’m up to 7.5 hours spent on Bloggiesta.

Yes, I’m back again and I think I’m done for the rest of Bloggiesta because I want to read some more of my books that are calling to me.  I’ve spent a total of 10.5 hours on blog stuff, and I think that’s pretty good for my first crack at it.  Some of these projects will be ongoing.  

Have fun everyone!