COVID Chronicle #5

Reopening Hesitation?

The vaccination rates in my county and state are rising, which should signal that we are ready to return to normal. Everything in the state will reopen on July 1, the Maryland state of emergency will end, and masks will no longer be required. But why do I feel like we should still be wearing masks? Is it the contagiousness of the variants that worries me? No.

This is what worries me. My daughter is not of the age where she can receive a vaccine safely. Her age group is the most vulnerable to the virus right now, as more adults and teens get their vaccines. I feel as though the state is abandoning its youngest residents, allowing others to be maskless and social distancing going right out the window. It’s mostly the indoor situations I worry about.

Personally, I’m not ready to take public transit yet, but if I had to, I would. Thankfully, I can still work from home and I don’t see a push for that to change anytime soon.

I’m ready to get out and about, but hesitant at the same time — if that makes any sense at all.

This may be the last post on this topic, but I wanted to see how everyone was feeling and coping with the reopening processes where they are.


  1. It does feel like things moved along a bit prematurely and not everyone was accounted for in the plan. I can understand your concern.

  2. California is wide open today. Businesses can ask patrons to wear masks but it’s not being enforced. I am wearing my mask when I don’t feel comfortable. Usually that means inside or just too many people around me.

    You do have your daughter to consider too so it’s more complicated for families with young kids.

    • I tend to leave her home or we all wear masks when we go to restaurants and stores. She needs summer clothes, but I try to pick times when it won’t be as crowded…so weekends are out. We’re spending a lot of time running around during the week and on weekends. I think the only day of rest is on Sunday…lol

  3. Parents here are feeling much the same way. We’ve been having small groups of people over on the weekends, outside, and they all have to be vaccinated except the kids, so we’re only inviting one family with kids at a time. It seems lonely for them while we’re feeling a little less lonely.

    • Yes, the kids are lonely. It is hard for them. They tend to need more social interaction than the rest of us. My daughter is particularly lonely being the only kid in our house. We do have small gatherings with other kids and there’s a couple kids in our neighborhood for her to play with outside.