Vacation Fun….

So, the blog has been silent.  We headed to Florida to see my cousin for a long weekend trip and boy did we have fun, and you know I went to the beach because I’m burnt!  Crispy, even.  I’d say I’m in pain, but who cares so long as the little one isn’t … and she’s not, though she did get a little reddish pink.  I thought I’d share some favorite photos of mine from the trip.

IMG_2530This is from the Tampa Aquarium; she had a great time touching starfish, rays, and sea anemones and playing with the otters who were jumping around in their tank.


This is a gorgeous shot at Clearwater Beach in Florida; I do have others on Facebook if you are interested in checking those out.  Wiggles didn’t like the sand at first and made daddy pick her up, but once I got her to take her shoes off and go in the ocean, she didn’t want to leave.

IMG_2596This is from our trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa.  Wiggles wanted to ride the choo-choo as she calls it and she had a great time looking at all the animals.  That’s my cousin, Carrie, in the background — thanks to her for letting us stay with her.  We had a great time.


As if you couldn’t have guess what Wiggles’ favorite part of Busch Gardens was — Sesame Street Safari of Fun — where she got to meet her favorite characters.

DSC_0147Honeymoon Beach in Florida was the last trip for us before heading back home.  Wiggles had a great time with Daddy on the beach and all of us really.  They even made a sand turtle.



  1. That picture of wiggles in the waves is so cute. Glad to hear you guys had a great vacation! Get some aloe for your sunburn if you haven’t already.

  2. A much needed vacation for sure! Looks like everyone had fun. Sorry about your sunburn though!

  3. I’m glad you all had such a good time!

    • I felt relaxed, except for the sunburn. I am not really happy to go back to work, but one cannot pay bills and live without a job. lol

  4. Glad to see you all had fun! The little ones are so curious at that age, it’s amazing what they can discover.

  5. That sounds like a great trip! It’s so much fun to watch little ones experience something for the first time.

    • I did love that. She was scared of the sand and the water at first, but at least she got over it pretty quickly.

  6. That is such a fun area over there. We have taken our kids to the Aquarium, the Science Center and the zoo in Tampa, plus we try to take in some hockey or a concert or something too. Plus the beaches over on that side are beautiful. It has been INSANELY hot lately, and pretty rainy, but I am glad you had a good time!

    • I had no idea you were that close. For some reason, I thought you were on the other side of the state. But I did have a few short free hours this trip since we wanted Wiggles to have some fun experiences, which I think she did. It was extremely hot and I have some sunburn to prove it.

  7. Wow, it looks like you had a great time especially Wiggles! There’s nothing like getting away for awhile and unwinding. I’m glad you had a good time.