Happy Father’s Day!

My husband’s first father’s day is today, and I know he adores his daughter, “Wiggles.”  How he feels about being a dad shines every time he looks at her, but whether he’s had a hard time adjusting to fatherhood is anyone’s guess since he rarely speaks about his feelings.

Whether he doesn’t want to overwhelm me with “stress” or just doesn’t want to share, I hope that he will share his emotions with his daughter as she grows up and needs guidance and love.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you new fathers out there and to my own father and 100-year old grandfather.  I hope that you enjoyed fatherhood and still do!  Have a great day and reflect on the good times and those yet to come.


  1. I think both men and women experience stress after bringing a new baby into the house, but they deal with it in totally different ways. They have this “get it done” attitude, which isn’t at all a bad thing to have. Their focus is on the task. Us on the other hand, also want to get it done, but we worry about how it’s affecting others…can we do it better? Is it taking too much time? We add stuff on stop of it.

    He may not share too much now because he’s in that “get it done” mode. I know for me, The Hub made everything look easy because he never uttered a word about it.

  2. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Cris spent time with his dad on Sunday…they went fishing in the morning…and then he spent time with Wiggles.

  3. Happy father’s day, Cris!

  4. Beth Hoffman says

    What a memory y’all are making. Happy 1st Father’s Day!

  5. How cool to be having a first Father’s Day! I hope pictures of them together will capture some of those emotions!

  6. What a special day for all of you!!

  7. Congrats on his first daddy’s day! Such a milestone. I know he must be thrilled. 🙂