Poetry Activity From Poetic Asides

Every day this month, one of my favorite poetry blogs, Poetic Asides, is hosting the activity of writing one poem per day, aka the PAD Challenge.

Today’s challenge prompt is to write a poem about a person; Check out the details.  I’d love to see what everyone comes up with.  Here is the first draft of my poem:

Mystery Writer

Cyanide poisoning, stabbing, or bullet
so many ways to die, but choosing just one
is it enough?

In a dark alley, a bright studio, or in bed
everyone dies alone
but only murderers know their last words.

Twists and turns in plot
encumbered in pretzels
never too salty.

Can’t say it’s the best poem I’ve ever wrote, but at least I gave it a shot.  What about you?

Also, please check out the Poetic Asides interview with 2010 Poetic Asides Poet Laureate Walt Wojtanik.


  1. I think the line about the pretzels lightens it up just enough. Maybe the person is writing a cozy mystery, LOL.
    Anna´s last blog post ..Mailbox Monday — April 4

  2. I’m oddly entranced by the pretzels.

    • not sure why that came to my mind, but it did. I kind of like it. Maybe I’ll revisit this one later on and revise.

  3. Yeah, I started the same thing through the NaPoWriMo site. I can’t say what I’m writing is good but there will be plenty of fodder for editing at the end of the month. I also committed to my version of the script frenzy challenge which, for me, is to write and illustrate a graphic haibun everyday in April too. And then there’s the DIY MFA from iggi & gabi… Whew! This month rocks for writing!

    • Please feel free to share some of those poems here on this post. I’d love to see them. I think its fun to see what comes to writers spontaneously.

      • I’m posting them daily on my blog, but here’s one of them that’s particularly silly!


        I wanted so ably
        to write the poem
        that is sung
        within my heart.

        Or to write a poem
        that would make you
        break out
        in your own

        or make you weep
        with joy,
        but instead, you laughed
        in that uncontrolled treble,
        and I wondered—

        Did the power
        of my words
        ricochete around
        the room and hit
        you just then?

        • I should note that the 1st line “I wanted to so ably,” came from a poem in The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry and was how the poem came to be, by spinning off of that line.

        • I really like the use of sound elements in this poem.