How much CO2 Does Your Blog Emit?

Have you ever thought about how much CO2 your blog emits?  With the green books campaign and all the talk about publishing sustainably, it got me thinking about what impact is my blog having on the environment.

Thankfully, there’s already a campaign out there to help with the problem of CO2 emissions from blogs!

According to Mach’s Grun!, blogs with 15,000 visitors per month emit about 8 lbs. of CO2 from the servers, cooling systems, and other electronic equipment that maintain them.  While pinpointing the exact amount of CO2 that is absorbed by a tree is difficult, the site estimates it to be around 11 lbs.  With an average life span of 50 years, planting a single tree per blog can neutralize blog CO2 emissions for that time span.

The group plants trees through the Arbor Day Foundation in the California Plumas National Forest, though other forests will see more trees as the campaign grows.  The campaign is free…and they plant trees for your blog at no cost to you.

I’m joining the initiative, even though I tend to plant trees as holiday gifts.  There will be some extra love in the forests from me.

How about you?  Will you be joining?


  1. Interesting! I’ll have to look in to it. I’m sure I don’t get 15,000 visitors per month though. LOL
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