A Sober Veterans Day

Vova and Vovo

Today is a day of remembrance, honor, and respect for those who fought for this nation and our continued freedom. I’ve read quite a bit about WWII and the Vietnam War because those are the wars that have closely touched my life with a grandfather, Armando, who fought in WWII with the U.S. Army Air Corps. stationed in the AÇORES and an uncle, Louis, who does not talk much about his time in Vietnam, but was with the U.S. Army in unit 218.  Both men were and are proud of their service from what I can tell, though neither has discussed the actual events they witnessed with me.

The above picture is how I will remember my grandfather who fought among others of the so-called Greatest Generation and died earlier this year. Unfortunately, he was never able to visit and see the WWII Memorial that commemorated his efforts and those of the other veterans.  I’ve visited the memorial on many occasions and am always awed when I see members of that generation tearing up and sharing memories with their family and friends.

WWII memorial soldiers.jpg

While none of my cousins have gone into the military, I know they were inspired by my grandfather in many other ways, as was I.  Today is the perfect day to honor these inspiring people and their contributions to our freedom.

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  1. Serena,
    This is an amazing post! I shared it with my Dad(Uncle Louie) over the phone today and he was very touched. When i moved back home during my divorice was the first time Dad ever opened up and shared a few things about his time in Vietnam which i cant imagine was easy. I would love to know more but never want to push it. Happy Veterans Day to all those amazing men and women that have/are serving this country especially my daddy!!

    • I wrote this post in 2010. I didn’t want to write another one this year. I really said all I needed to say. Vietnam was a time in US history that was confusing and tumultuous.

  2. Dawn - She Is Too Fond of Books says

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribure, Serena.
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  3. I’m thankful for your grandfather and uncle and other like them who serve our country. My dad didn’t make it to the Vietnam Wall, and he wanted to, so I understand your sadness about that.
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  4. This was a lovely post, thanks for sharing. The WWII memorial is beautiful, it’s too bad your grandfather wasn’t able to see it.

  5. What a wonderful post! Like your Uncle and Grandfather, my Grandfather doesn’t talk about his time serving in the war either. We are getting a bit more stories from him now, but he still rarely talks about it. While I would love to hear all about it, I realize it’s emotional for him and therefore don’t push it.
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    • I was tentative about asking my grandfather more about his time in WWII, but unfortunately time ran out on those stories. I just hope the same thing does not happen with my uncle.

  6. That’s a lovely tribute to your grandfather, Serena!
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