Colossal Milkshakes

When asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, which falls on a Tuesday this year, I told everyone that I wanted to visit the land of the colossal milkshake at Chick & Ruth’s Delly in Annapolis, Md.  I watch Man vs. Food when I remember that it’s on, and one episode was set in DC, though how Annapolis is DC, I’ll never know.  Anyway, the host of the show Adam Richman can put away food like I’ve never seen and the colossal challenge at Chick & Ruth’s is one of the closest to my house.  Let’s just say that I didn’t do the challenge because you have to drink the entire 6 POUND milkshake by yourself.

Anna and her family joined me and my hubby for lunch at this place, and while it was supposed to be just me and The Girl drinking down the 6 pound milkshake, we had to have some help and it took all five of us to finish it.  I’ve put together a slide show of our drinking adventure.

So what’s on my agenda for the rest of this birthday long weekend — yes, I took 2 days off to have a 4-day weekend and a moment of rest — I’m home and plan on reading and relaxing.  If I have any big adventures I’ll let you know!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. I love Chick & Ruth’s but have never tried the milkshake challenge. What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Maybe your husband can try a Baltimore foodie’s version: hot dogs wrapped in bologna, served on a challah roll. Looking forward to meeting you when we sit on the book bloggers’ panel at the Baltimore Book Festival. Maybe we can get the organizer’s to splurge on another huge shake. Chocolate, of course,
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  2. WOW. Happy Birthday!

  3. I had a great 4 day weekend for my birthday, and it’s too bad that I have to head back to work today.

  4. A 4 day birthday sounds like an awesome idea. The milkshake looks awesome.

    Happy Birthday Serena!!!

  5. the bookworm says

    Happy Birthday Serena!! Wow, that is some milkshake! Great slideshow 🙂
    the bookworm´s last blog post ..Really Random Tuesday

  6. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you had a good one! That’s a great slideshow and one very scary milkshake. OMG! lol.

  7. Okay, these pictures made me feel sick all over again. And I only had a very little bit of the shake! You and The Girl certainly had a lot of fun trying to finish it on your own. Thank goodness the men rose to the occasion because I couldn’t. Now if there was a Chipotle burrito challenge…you could count me in. LOL

    Happy birthday, chica!
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    and congrats on finishing the milkshake. hopefully you didn’t get a brain freeze or anything from it. 😉

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! I would of probably done the same and taken the whole week surrounding my bday off to relax and enjoy.

  9. Holy cow..now that’s a freaking milkshake!

    Happy Birthday!
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  10. OMG what a milkshake. It is hilarious, you can’t see anyone’s faces in the pictures, just that great big thing. Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!
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  11. I hope you had a great birthday weekend Serena…I know I sure did! My pants are so tight today that just thinking about a 6 pound milkshake could pop a button right now! I would have loved to see it though!
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  12. Now that looks like a great way to celebrate your birthday! Now I’m thinking I may have to do happy hour at DQ this afternoon. 🙂
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  13. Happy Birthday to you! That is one amazing milkshake! I would love to try the challenge of finishing it one day!
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    • Our husbands were talking about doing the challenge next time. LOL I’d have to go into some training for a year or so.

  14. I watched Man vs. Food when I was down visiting my daughter – I can’t believe what he eats.! And I can’t believe the size of that milkshake! 6 pounds…. Hope you had a great birthday weekend.
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    • I have no idea how this man eats all of that stuff. It makes me ill watching him sometimes. I do like the shows when he’s eating hot stuff and he cries!

  15. Holy cow! That’s some milkshake! I think you should get an award for 5 of you finishing it! What a fun way to spend your birthday!