Portugal Trounces North Korea

After waiting two years to see Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, score a goal with his national team, he succeeded today against North Korea as the time trounces the 105th ranked team in a 7-to-0 win.

After watching the first half of the game, it looked as though that North Korea would have a chance to come back in the second half.  But that was not to be as Portugal did not allow any openings for the North Koreans, and instead score seven goals with six different players to show the depth of their roster.

I am a happy camper that this team has finally won a decisive victory and revived their reputation as a leading soccer team.  I’ll leave you with a fun look at Ronaldo’s goal; I think he’s an acrobat:


  1. During the World Cup, I wish we have TV/cable 🙂

    I hope the NK players won’t get punished when they get back…

    I have a soft spot for Australia since I lived there for 13 years… but it was heartbreaking to watch (well I was “watching” the live TEXT update lol) them against Germany when they lost 4-0…
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    • I hope the NK players are OK as well, though I heard some of them play professionally in Japan, so maybe they will be. I think Australia did tie Ghana, so that has given them some points. Let’s hope they do well against their next opponents, Serbia.

  2. Oh boy. You really are crazy about the World Cup! LOL
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