Looking for Sponsors

As you all know, I work on a per article basis as the D.C. Literature Examiner.  Not only do they have a referral program (Thanks, Marie, for signing up), but they now have a sponsorship program for local examiners. 

Anyone interested in sponsoring me?  If you are, just visit the site and follow the instructions.  Once you sign up, you get a 300 X 250 ad space on my site.  What could you use the space for?  Advertising products, services, your blog, your blog events, and more.  Prices start at $29 and you can upload your own JPG or Gif advertisement or create one from the templates available in a wide variety of categories.

I’m sure you want to know what I get out of the deal.  My pay rate increases for sponsored articles about local events, authors, and books, which will make it easier for me to get to more local events and provide even more content for subscribers and all of you.


Thanks for reading this blog post, though traditionally I don’t talk business and advertising here.  I hope you’ve been enjoying the recent content at the blog and D.C. Literature Examiner.  I’m sure Anna would love a sponsor too for her Baltimore Literature Examiner page as well, but she’s too shy to ask.


  1. http://Dawn%[email protected]%20sheIsTooFondOfBooks says

    Hey, Serena – I'm glad to know that you're happy with the writing and exposure you're getting with the Examiner. I hope you get the sponsorship (and larger readership) that you're looking for.

  2. http://Anna says

    Good luck in your sponsor search!

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