Where’s Charlee?  I think he’s buried in the snow!

We took a little drive today after the streets were relatively clear and the snow stopped.  Looked really pretty, but there is a ton of snow out there.

Here we are hanging out in a parking lot with tons and tons of snow, if you don’t believe me.

What have you been doing this weekend?


  1. I am really enjoying all of these snow pics that are popping up all over. It's just amazing to me how much there is of it. I mean, how does one function? LOL. This coming from a Southern Calif gal.

  2. When we lived in MN, we always had to shovel a path for the dog to go out or we would have lost her in the snow forever. Can't be nice being low to the ground and dragging your soft and sensitive tum through all that cold and wet!

  3. I think Charlee must be the only one enjoying the snow! At least you guys were able to go out for a little drive. I haven't been further than my front yard since Thursday evening. 🙁 It's pretty for awhile, but I think I hate all the snow right now.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  4. wow…that is so a lot of snow and so pretty too.

  5. What a lot of snow! We usually have a ton this time of year, but strangely enough, we have hardly any right now.

  6. So awesome!!

  7. We got it too! Wasn't it crazy? We spent all day yesterday shoveling and I went on a walk with the Little One today and came home and collapsed. Walking in 2 feet of snow is exhausting!

  8. Love those photos!! Enjoy it for me!!

  9. Oh my goodness. I just don't think I could handle all that snow! It is pretty though 🙂

    Stay warm!

  10. I don't envy you all that snow at all! Poor Charlee. We have to shovel paths for Buddy or he gets lost in the snow. lol.

  11. Charlee was doing a Kangaroo hop and he was tired…he laid down and didn't move much after that.

    I almost feel like I didn't leave New England!

  12. Ooh, Brrrr, just looking at that made me cold. your area has really been socked this year by storms.

  13. Holy cow! Now thatsa snow storm!!

    Was Charlee doing a kangaroo hopping routine to try to make it through? I bet he was tired after that play time 🙂

  14. Literate Housewife says

    Oh, you definitely got more snow than we did. I'm glad you were able to at least get out of a little bit. I'm sure that deep down in his heart Charlee enjoyed the adventure – even if he had to be dug out afterwards.

  15. Charlee actually loves snow, but this was a bit too much for even him. We had to pick him up at some point and take him out of the pile.

  16. bermudaonion says

    We're trying to dry out this weekend. That storm that brought you snow brought us 4 1/2 inches of rain!

  17. rhapsodyinbooks says

    Your poor little dog! I know when I had dogs they would have "opted" to go the bathroom in the house in that situation!

    Beautiful pictures though!

  18. Sandy Nawrot says

    I am aghast at the snow you all have had this year. Poor doggie probably is not all that thrilled to go out to use the potty, is he?

  19. Love these snow pics everyone is posting.

  20. Wow! You guys got a lot of snow! I love the photo of the snowy trees – so beautiful!

  21. Jen - Devourer of Books says

    Poor Charlee! That must have been challenging.