BBAW 2009 Wrap Up & Givaway Links

While BBAW is officially over, there are giveaways that are still going on.

Have you checked all of them out yet? Well, you should because today is the last day for most of them. You might have to do some work, though. But not too much work.

I’ll start off with the official BBAW Giveaway links and end with the BBAW-related giveaways I still have going on here and at War Through the Generations.

From the BBAW site:

1. Book Cover Scavenger Hunt (International)
2. We Use Book Bloggers Too by Jory Strong (International)
3. Speculative Fiction Scavenger Hunt (International)
4. Book Bloggers and Chocolate (U.S. only)
5. Caption Contest (U.S. only)
6. Name That Book Club (U.S. only)
7. Glue and $25 Amazon.com Gift Card (International)
8. Short Story Bundle (U.S. only)
9. Non-Fiction Scavenger Hunt (International)
10. Graphic Novels Scavenger Hunt (International)
11. Crime Fiction Bundle (U.K. and Ireland Only)
12. Nalini Singh Appreciates Book Bloggers (International)
13. $50 Powell’s Gift Card (International)
14. Large Giveaway (International bundles, US Only bundles, UK/Ireland Bundles)
15. Historical Fiction Giveaway (U.S. only)
16. Signed Box of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Bad Moon Rising (U.S. and Canada)
17. Reader/Writing Books (U.S. only)
18. Lost Symbol Bundle (North America Only)
19. What Book Am I? (International)
20. Romance Is in the Air (International)
21. Favorite Picture Books (International)
22. Guess the Landmark (International)
23. Thank You from Cynthia Eden (International)
24. Share Your Blogging Memories (International)
25. Kyle Semmel and The Writer’s Center (D.C. area only & International portion)
26. Mahbod Seraji Thanks Book Bloggers (International)

From War Through the Generations for BBAW: (International; Sept. 20)

1. Autographed copy of Annie’s Ghosts (Those participants having read 5 books)
2. Copy of Libby Cone’s War on the Margins for New Participants signing up during BBAW week through Sept. 20

From Savvy Verse & Wit for BBAW:

1. Mahbod Seraji and Rooftops of Tehran (International; Sept. 20)
2. Prize Pack of books (International; Sept. 27)
3. Open Letter to Book Bloggers from Sourcebooks’ Paul Samuelson (U.S./Canada; Sept. 20)