Guest Post: Ben Teeter Shares His Poetic Inspiration for Falling Into All

Please welcome today’s guest, poet Ben Teeter.

He’ll be sharing a couple of poems and the inspiration behind those poems from Falling Into All, which will be published February 2021.

But first, I wanted to share a little bit about the collection, which could provide some of you with solace in these turbulent times.

Book Synopsis:

Falling into All details the essence of knowing, and the seeking out of truth, inspired by the author’s study of spiritual teachings across cultures and the ages.

Falling into All was written in the morning quiet, meditated on, and is sprung from words always stirring within the heart of the poet, and now ready for the world. The words within are meant to be shared, to encourage others to look inside themselves, and to open a way to understanding beauty and truth, so it may spread to all who seek it.

Do you have a spiritual artist in your heart?

Are you seeking to be closer to a higher sense of Self?

Open the pages, awaken your mind, and fall into the waiting divine.

Please welcome, Ben:

What inspired me to write this assembly of poetry?

Over the years of reading the literature of the spiritual-minded among us, I have often felt the frustration of the words’ failure to capture and express what is meant, or to actually convey an experience, for it to be truly shared.

Often, there was a broad vagueness, or an over- complexity, or perhaps a most important idea locked away in an antiquated word that does not crack open.

Yet I feel that these spiritual things are truly the most important things to be expressed, and realized, about this, our Life.

So I have spent some years in a practice of trying to capture for myself the Subtle and to wrap it in words, going for clarity, and the distinct sharing of what is felt.

That has been my inspiration and that is what I have tried to do here with the book, Falling Into All.

Here are two pieces from Falling Into All which exemplify how one of the themes may occur and then recur, in the flow of ideas and words.


Work and move
Surrounded in a mind
Aflow with daily care
And often seem to miss the
Big Where.
But, notice
Where we are!
I stop and

(pg. 47)

When you shift your focus to
Infinity all around you,
Like a snow of jewels,
Without surcease,
Instead of a form or two:
A job, a meal, some words,
Then Heart’s eye flutters open,
Pouring Gratitude,
Impaled in Peace.

(pg. 73)

Falling Into All will be available in February, 2021.

If someone would like to see more of this work, in the meantime, there is a small book called Forever Free, currently available for free download as an Ebook at WiseWordWind.com.

Thank you, Ben, for sharing these poems and your work with us.

About the Poet:

Ben R. Teeter was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Maryland, amidst the blended cultures of his dad’s old Appalachian ways, of tough work and nature’s beauty, and his mom’s more jolly family life of prosperous, rural Americana. At John Hopkins University, in the midst of the late 1960s cultural shifts, his focus moved to the spiritual, metaphysical, and transcendental. From there he began his life-long pursuit of searching for deep wisdom and understanding, and has practiced internal yoga and Akido, the latter of which he has taught to others for over 30 years. He is a creative designer of houses and an experienced mason and master carpenter. He lives in San Diego, CA. Visit his website.