Reminder about the Great Kindle Giveaway

Do you really need a reminder?  Maybe you do.  You have until Dec. 18, which is tomorrow to enter the Great Kindle Giveaway at Bibliofreak!

Bibliofreak started up her own weekly newsletter and as a thank you to those who sign up, you get a chance to win a free Amazon Kindle 2, which is the one that works internationally!

There are so many ways to enter, but one is to sign up for the weekly newsletter and confirm that subscription.  Easy, right?!  But if you follow her on Twitter and Facebook, you get even more entries. Do you like making YouTube videos?  Do it and get more entries! 

So what’s stopping you??  Its a free Kindle and its something you can do for the environment.  Think about all those trees you can save by not purchasing hard copy books!!