Green Books Campaign Recap

I read an enjoyable work of fiction for Shaila Abdullah (click here for my review) for the Green Books Campaign on Nov. 10 when 100 bloggers joined hands to post 100 reviews on the same day.

But I wanted to highlight some of the other great reviews from the campaign and some of the great books I found.

Air Pollution Revolution Campaign reviewed Greening Your Small Business by Jennifer Kaplan, and here’s what captured my attention about the review and the book:

“This encyclopedia of green tips should be found in the desk drawer of every entrepreneur looking to reduce his business’ carbon footprint and/or trying to appeal to an environmentally concerned clientele.”

At Home With Books reviewed Art and Upheaval by William Cleveland, and here’s what Alyce had to say: 

If you would have asked me those questions prior to reading Art and Upheaval I would responded hesitantly, saying that art is beautiful, but I’m not sure if it is something that can change lives. After reading this book though, I have been convinced of the importance of art and its power when it is used by citizens of a community to communicate ideas that will foster healing and unity.”

LilianaLand! reviewed The Dead Can’t Dance by Pam Calabrese MacLean, a collection of poems, and here’s what she had to say:

You’d have thought that it’d be weird reading stories written in the form of poems, but it’s not. They evoke such contrasting emotions in the different stories: joy and amusement, and in the next instance, sorrow.”

The Not so Closet Geeks reviewed Only Milo by Barry Smith, check out these comments:

Completely unpredictable, Only Milo is a highly shocking and enjoyable read. The novel is simple to read, but has enough surprises and thrills to keep any reader enthralled. Readers gain insight into the twisted mind of a murderer through a riveting and brilliantly executed plot.”

Bookstore People reviewed From Green to Gold by Harold Enrico, a book of poetry:

This poetry collection is not only printed in a green manner, the poems themselves evoke an awareness of the beauty of nature and life.  . . .  Even more poignant for me was “Marston-Bigot, Somerset” which describes the antics of WWII soldiers on New Years Eve at a temporary encampment juxtaposed with the animals (badger, mole) that will continually be present in an ongoing cycle of life.”

Click on the above links for full reviews.  There were so many great books reviewed during the campaign, but if you missed it, you can always check out the list of over 100 reviews, here.

What books did you find during the campaign?  And have you entered my giveaway for Saffron Dreams by Shaila Abdullah?