Jane Austen Mix-and-Match Mini Challenge

Books and Bards is hosting the Jane Austen Mix-and-Match Mini Challenge for all Everything Austen participants, and there are prizes.

If you haven’t checked it out, you should. Deadline is September 14.

For now, here are my romantic pairs from the list Books and Bards provided.

Come on down, couple #1:

Edmund Bertram and Lydia Bennet

Don’t you just see the possibilities in this match? They are polar opposites; him with his God-like devotion and her with her pleasure-seeking. Imagine how many adventures these two could get into together. He’d attempt to temper her wild ways and she would love to help him open up and have some fun.

And behind door #2, we have:

Caroline Bingley and General Tilney

You may wonder why I selected these two. Caroline’s head is turned by rich, well-connected men, why not a military man with an outrageous fortune for her to spend. However, once she has him, can she whip him into shape and keep him under her thumb? Maybe not this guy, but by the time she realizes it, General Tilney may have tamed her or at least gotten her to submit to him through fear alone.

Couple #3:

Colonel Brandon and Julia Bertram

Colonel Brandon means well and loves to protect young women from themselves, which is why I think Julia Bertram is a perfect match. She’s lingered too long in the shadows behind her sister and Colonel Brandon would be the perfect man to make her center stage.

Couple #4 was a tough one, but I finally settled on these two:

Lady Catherine De Bourgh and Henry Crawford

If for no other reason than I would like to see Lady Catherine engage in a relationship outside her character’s principles. I think Henry Crawford would be some juicy meat for her to sink her teeth into, and just think of all the gossip in society about this pair. Is he after her money; does he love her; is she using him; is she being an old fool? A lot of giggling to be had in society about this one.

My bonus couple:

Mary Bennet and John Dashwood

Mary is plain and always striving to be the best she can be, while John is always struggling against his wife’s wishes to push his half-sisters into obscurity. I think Mary could help John see the error of his ways and be the kind brother he wishes to be, while John would be satisfied to dote on her as much as she would be happy to be the “ideal” wife.

These are my selections, what are yours?