7 Anecdotes About Reader-Me

I snagged this wonderful Meme from The Boston Bibliophile; read her post here.

1. I often bite off more than I can read when I accept review copies, but I am getting better and I will be catching up on these over the summer.

2. I am happiest reading new-to-me contemporary poets, who should definitely receive more publicity than they receive.

3. I love to browse bookstores, mostly chains near me. I can spend hours looking in the poetry section, mulling over which volumes to buy. That’s in addition to the hours I’ve spent at the front of the store with the best sellers and the new fiction.

4. I remember many of the books I’ve read from high school until now, though on many occasions the title will escape me.

5. I love using those post-it tabs for passages I plan to use in my reviews, and I always end up with way more of them sticking out of the book than I planned on, which makes choosing the passages I do use all the more difficult.

6. I have a ton of bookmarks, most of them free, and they are usually in one book or another on my selves, in the review piles, or in books that I love and reread passages of after the book spends several dormant years on the shelf.

7. I love to read, but sometimes my reading is interrupted and it makes me irritated. My hubby hasn’t quite learned to steer clear if I’m reading, and then he gets a tongue lashing when he interrupts. I still love him anyway.

Tell me 7 things about you as a reader.

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