Poem #4, PAD Challenge 2009

Day 4, I’m on a roll. Here’s the prompt from today. You must choose an animal and write a poem about that animal or something to do with that animal. Another rough draft:


Smooth, sharp tusk
makes my lisp more pronounced.
It’s harder to enunciate with a mouthful.
But my family and friends don’t mind
we get along well, travel and see the sights
when we can muster the strength
to drag ourselves across sheets of ice
with flippered feet and rolls of fat.
Don’t feel sad for me
I don’t need Jenny Craig
and I don’t need that thermal suit of yours.
I’ve got my own.
Besides have you seen me dance
below the ice, in the cold ocean, I’ve got
silky samba moves.

What did you write today?

For more information about the challenge, go here.