Poem #26 and #27, PAD Challenge 2009

Prompt #26 is to write a poem about miscommunication or involving a miscommunication.


She holds up her index finger
of her left hand, while holding her cell in the right.
He places one box of Kleenex in the cart.
The round the corner, canned food
lines the shelves. Her husband taps
she waves three fingers, absently.
He places the canned sardines in the cart.
At the checkout, he places the items
on the conveyor, watching them flow into bags.

Prompt #27 is to write a poem of longing.


Bag slung over shoulder,
plopped onto wooden chair.
I drag the laptop out, place it on the table.
Flipped open, blank space,
blinking cursor waiting,
waving, staring at me.
My fingers tap the keys,
the table, my thigh.
Run up and down the side of my leg,
waiting for words to flow
free from my brain through nerves
into my fingertips tapped out on square keys.
When words fill the page
My mind is afire, passionate,
eager to type the next phrase and see the new world.
Creation dripping like espresso into my mug.

What did you write today?

For more information about the challenge, go here.

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