Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon 2009

Welcome to my very first attempt at the Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon; I thought about all those times that I was going to participate when Dewey was alive, and I missed out on those chances. But I’m doing it now.

What you can expect from me today in terms of blogging is some updates to this post throughout the day, so keep checking back.

I’m primarily going to be reading some review copies, short stories, audiobooks, and poetry books. I have no particular page goal or book total that I hope to achieve. I will be checking for the mini-challenges and other blogger’s updates; I see the hubbub feature growing in the near future! Overall, I just want to have fun.

Meme Hour #1:

3 Facts About Me:

1. I love my Keeshond like he’s my kid.
2. I love books, and I think it’s becoming an addiction.
3. I really love poetry and I hope to in some small way broaden the audience for poets publishing work today.

Where I’m reading from is my living room couch, the car as I head to Anna’s later today, and her couch or floor or somewhere.

I’ve answered all the other questions for this meme above. Now let’s get reading!

Hour #2:

Not much reading happening here as I get ready to head over to Anna’s in Baltimore, but I have gathered the no-bake cheesecake, the veggies and dip, the green tea, strawberries, and some bread sticks. I’ve got a ton of books in my bag, but we’ll see how many I actually get through over her house. 🙂

The laptop will be coming along, though I hope I can hook it up, if not it’s my multimedia movie/music distraction when I need a break! See you all on the Web again soon.

Hour #3 & 4:

Ok, so the last hour the hubby and I were in the car “reading” One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. Yes, I resorted to audiobooks while in the car, but that counts as reading, right?! I don’t discriminate anyway.

Now we’re at Anna’s house and The Girl is taking a break with the scooter outside, and Anna’s on the couch wrapped in a blanket reading. I’m blogging, obviously, but the Men are out getting us Chipotle for LUNCH! WOOHOO. I like this read-a-thon stuff. Keep commenting, and I will be back on the Internet soon. I hope these updates aren’t boring you! I’m reading Keeper of Light and Dust by Natasha Mostert for those interested! I really love this book!

Hour #6:

This is hour six, and I am still reading the same book, but that’s OK. My main goal is to finish this book and maybe read some poetry later today. However, I did decide to take a cue from The Girl and draw a comic for the Hour 6 Mini-Challenge at Sophisticated Dorkiness. If you haven’t read this blog before you should, Kim does a great job. Anyway, here’s my comic creation below based upon Natasha Mostert’s Keeper of Light and Dust:

Well, it’s back to reading! Have a great time. We’ll be posting about our adventures in cheesecake later!

Hour #8:

I’ve made it 8 hours! I’m still reading the same book, but the breaks to eat and have The Girl read to us has been good! I’m still awake…no snoozing here. Anna, on the other hand, has fallen a sleep for a nanosecond or two! 🙂 Too much quiet for her, I think. I just entered the Hour #8 mini-challenge about Loving Your Local Library. What a great challenge. well, it’s back to reading Keeper of Light and Dust!

Hour #11:

Well, we had our Jello No-Bake Cheesecake with fresh cut strawberries, and some of us had some whip cream on top as well. You should have heard the orgasmic sounds from the girls and boys. LOL And it was all very platonic! Still reading Keeper of Light and Dust, but I’m nearing the 200 page mark in spite of the Twilight-Edward distractions.

The Girl is hoping to win the comic challenge, but I’m hoping to beat her out and win the prize. It’s a friendly little rivalry we have going on here. Neither of us will probably win! LOL Anyway, its back to reading…I mean watching Edward!