Thursday’s Thoughts: What I Would Study

This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts question is

If you could study a subject that you’ve never had the opportunity to learn, what would you choose? This could be an academic class or the study of a specific skill or art.

I may be a day late on this week’s question, but hey, I’m answering it. I’ve wanted to go back to college for some time now, more specifically graduate school for an MFA in Creative Writing or an MA in literature, and eventually a PhD so I could teach college courses. Unfortunately, that time has passed along with my grandmother; she was a great inspiration to me and provided much of the money I needed to get into undergrad. I thank her dearly. Graduate work is out of the question unless I win the lottery.

However, I’ve also wanted to take courses in photography, particularly to learn about composition. It also would be great to learn about developing photos the old fashioned way in chemicals and a dark room and how to use photoshop to modify digital photos. I did learn a great deal when I worked for five years at photography store in the area, and the people I worked with taught me a lot. But formal training in photography would be fantastic.

Another thing on my to-do list is to learn my father’s native language, Portuguese. I’ve always loved other languages and can still speak some Spanish thanks to high school courses, but I would love to learn Portuguese and talk with my dad in his native tongue and head on over to the Azores to speak with those relatives as well.

I have a great many interests, but those are the top two on my list. What’s on yours?

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