The Clearing the Shelves Winners

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to all the entrants into the Clearing the Shelves giveaway! I’m happy to send these great books along to readers who will enjoy them. Randomizer.org helped select the winners for the giveaway.

Out of 19 entrants for The Memorist, Randomizer.org selected #19, which was TrayMona

Out of 16 entrants for The Sinner’s Guide to Confession, Randomizer.org selected #3, which was Wrighty of Wrighty’s Reads

Out of 22 entrants for Plum Lovin’, Randomizer.org selected #1 and #20, which were Becky of My Thoughts…Your Thoughts and Liane

Out of 25 entrants for Plum Lucky, Randomizer.org selected #22, which was Judy of Us Old Folks

I’ve sent everyone an email seeking their snail mail addresses, please send them along quickly so I can get the books in mail.