I’ve talked about my love of vampires many times on this blog, attempted to campaign to save my two beloved vampire shows from cancellation, and have even converted some readers into fans.

I wanted to announce that I recently got my hands on the Moonlight DVD! Yes, the complete season is out for your viewing pleasure. It must be popular because I went to three stores to find my copy last night, rather than wait for Amazon to deliver it to me.

Best Buy was a bust, and the staff couldn’t find the copy that the computer system claimed was in the store. We headed to Wal-Mart next, which was right next door since we were headed their for fish tank filters, I figured it was a good bet. Unfortunately, there were no Moonlight DVDs in the store, and I don’t dare ask Wal-Mart workers any questions. Then I had to follow my husband to the store looking for filters and other items, which seemed to take forever. Didn’t he know I was on a mission?

Finally, we headed to Target, where I snatched up my copy of Moonlight! It was one of only two copies on the shelf. It’s either that this show is so popular the DVDs are no where to be found, or it isn’t that popular so they have very few in stock. You can imagine what I did when I got home!

I watched two full episodes and started a third before I realized that it was nearly 10PM and past my bed time. You can imagine I’m dragging butt this morning, but I have something to look forward to when I get home.

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