Importance of Lit Blogs & An Award

This is a topic that comes up a lot in the publishing world and among book reviewers. I never much paid attention to book reviewers in newspapers and magazines, simply because the books chosen for review were either too mainstream or too obscure. However, with lit or book blog reviewers, there is a variety of opinions, genres, authors, and topics to choose from. I love the choices available to me in this online community from those that love audio books to those with Kindles. And of course, there are a lot of us still reading from actual paper-based books.

Whether you are into horror, suspense, comedy, chicklit, mainstream, obscure, or poetry, there is a blog out there reviewing material for you.

However, don’t take my word for it. Let the survey results speak for themselves.

So, if you are as interested in this topic, please take a moment to fill out a short survey sponsored by Literary License.

I’ve answered the survey honestly, and I am encouraging others to participate.

Consider yourselves tapped for participation.

Additionally, LadyTink has approved me! I was am so honored by her award, that has just a little bit of her in it. If you haven’t checked out her blogs, you should. Here’s Up Close & Personal and the one I had been reading instead, Movieholic & Bibliophile’s Blog.

I’ve just expanded the Google Reader again!