Owen Fiddler and Marvin Wilson on Tour!

Today is the day! Day 1 of the Owen Fiddler and Marvin Wilson tour!

Here’s a quick look at the tour dates and happenings: (Did I forget? There will be prizes!)

Owen Fiddler Experience Christmas Cyber Tour 2008 with author Marvin Wilson.

December 4: Diary of an Eccentric book review.

December 5: Diary of an Eccentric‘s Marvin Wilson and Owen Fiddler Q&A.

December 6: Kat Logic Blog hosts an interview with Owen Fiddler

December 7: Unwriter Blog hosts a collision between Amanda the cat and Owen Fiddler

December 8: Books and Authors Blog posts an interview with the reformed Owen Fiddler from the last part of the book in three parts. Part one, thoughts on the new President. Part two, thanks and gratefulness (for Thanksgiving), and Part 3 on Christmas.

December 9: Zhadi’s Den Blog post a short review of the book, and a humorous piece written by Marvin with a preface written by Owen Fiddler.

December 10: Savvy Verse & Wit posts a review of Owen Fiddler and an in-depth article written by Marvin Wilson, a biographical overview of the transformation from the undisciplined “freebird” Hippie of yore into the structured disciplined writer “living life on purpose” type of person he is today, and how that transformation affected and was affected by his taking up the arduous task of establishing a golden years career as a published author.

December 11: Straight from Hel Blog; Helen re-posts her review of Owen Fiddler and Marvin posts an article on novice authors dealing for the first time with a dastardly candid and task-mastering professional editor.

December 12: The Emerging Author Blog posts an interview with author Marvin D Wilson. The focus of the interview will be on writing and marketing techniques and ideas, with a flavor of Christmas-like subject matters touched on as well.

December 13: Pretty, Prosperous and Powerful Blog; Owen Fiddler asks Lacresha questions. He wants to know why the church is so judgmental, why there are so many hypocrites that call themselves “Christians” and then don’t act like Christ. Owen’s anger toward the religious and his hurting inside is attempted to be resolved by Lacresha’s addressing his spiritual needs and his misunderstanding of the difference between the religious and the truly spiritual.

December 14: Morphological Confetti Blog; Stephen posts an excerpt from the book Owen Fiddler.

December 15: The Quiverful Family Blog; Jennifer Bogart posts an interview with Marvin D Wilson focusing specifically on his redemption and salvation spiritual experience and how that has affected his writing.

December 16: The Daily Blonde Blog; Host Cheryl Phillips, in her own inimitable witty, chatty, fun-loving blond-headed-girl-next-door style, posts her piece on her impressions after having read Owen Fiddler – a spiritual/inspirational novel with SEX SCENES in it!

December 17: My Friend Amy’s Blog; Amy posts the interview with Louis Seiffer on “Inside the Actor’s Head Studio with Thames Lipton.” Louis Seiffer is the puffed up Satan-wannabe character in the book that grows in stature the more attention he is given.

I grabbed this tidbit from Marvin Wilson’s Free Spirit site:

The first three people who purchase a paperback copy of Owen Fiddler during the tour and who email me ([email protected]) with a copy of their proof of purchase invoice from either www.amazon.com or www.cambridgebooks.us will receive a FREE signed copy of my first book, I Romanced the Stone (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie).

A free copy of Owen Fiddler will also be given to someone who leaves a comment on all 14 stops on the tour. If there is a draw between two or more, a competition for the winner will be held here on FREE SPIRIT, with the first place prize going to the commenter who posts the best answer to the question, “Why I want to read Owen Fiddler.” Any runner-ups will get an ebook copy of Owen. More fun. (smile)

Additionally, if anyone can, during the tour, purchase a copy of Owen Fiddler, pay for rush delivery, read it and post a review on Amazon before the tour ends, that person will receive a $25 gift certificate to either Borders or Barnse & Nobles bookstores, his or her choice. If more than one person can accomplish this, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive $15 gift certificates.

But wait – I’m not done. Free Spirit will still have a quality post each day during the tour. Yes, the old silly is going to be working his tush off for the whole two weeks. I’ll be hanging around the host’s blog to answer questions and chat with readers all day and into the evening, also writing a post per day for Free Spirit, and also my usual work as an author with works in progress and a couple books I am editing for other authors. So I have a special award for anyone who can leave comments on all 14 days of the tour at both the host’s blog as well as Free Spirit. Hey – I’m gonna want some company over here too, y’all. (smile) Of those who can accomplish this, there will be a drawing, and I will give away up to three copies to three lucky people of the soon to be released Free Spirit Anthology, titled Between the Storm and the Rainbow. You’ll have to wait probably a couple months, but I’ll get them to you as soon as it is published.

So get started, with the stop at Diary of an Eccentric, Today!