My Dearest Dewey!

I have very few words to express the emptiness I feel after reading the sad news of Dewey’s passing last Tuesday, Nov. 25. Dewey, the creator and host of The Hidden Side of a Leaf, Weekly Geeks, Bookworms Carnival, and many other fun blog-related challenges and carnivals, has passed away.

Her family experiences a different sort of loss that I do, and I would love to extend my condolences to them in their time of loss.

She brought a significant ray of light into the blogging community, with many of us hanging on her every typed word and her views on the books she read. She was full of energy and we will all miss her greatly. I for one will be looking for her posts for sometime to come as the news really sinks in, but I guess that shows how much I will miss her presence here. . .in the community she loved. . .and helped get me hooked on.

I hope that we as a community can offer our support for her family and keep her Weekly Geeks and Bookworm Carnival traditions going even though she will not be here.