"Keep Calm, Carry On!"–Gods Behaving Badly

“Keep Calm and Carry On!” (Circa WWII)

What great motto to have on a wall of a writer’s study!

While I missed the discussion yesterday, Dec. 1, on BlogTalk Radio with Marie Phillips–author of Gods Behaving Badly–I was able to listen to it today.

She answered my question about her writing space in great detail, since she was sitting in her study where she does most of her writing. Fabulous. She has about 100 books that she has not read in her study! An entire wall of books, now who doesn’t have that dream? I guess I shouldn’t feel bad about my TBR pile. She has piles of books all over the floor and she says maybe she should start building furniture out of books. Marie Phillips is so witty.

Check out what else she had to say about her book, here.