Weekly Geeks #26–Blog Hopping

What was this week’s Weekly Geeks assignment? You guessed it, get out there on the Internet and blog hop among those bloggers you have not visited.

Here’s the guidelines:

1. Using the WeeklyGeeks category here in my blog, find 5 Weekly Geeks you don’t know. The easiest way is probably to look at the Mr Linkies in my weekly Saturday posts.

2. Visit each of your 5 new blogpals and snoop around their blogs to find at least one thing you have in common.

3. In your blog, write a post, linking to your 5 new blogpals, about what you have in common with them.

4. Come back and sign Mr Linky.

5. As you run across other Weekly Geek posts (or deliberately seek them out) if you see anyone mentioned who has something in common with you, pay them a visit.

So which 5 bloggers did I visit and what did I find in common with them?

1. Worducopia and I share a love of Christopher Moore it seems. I was reading a Weekly Geeks post about the author for challenge about our favorite authors, check it out here. I love how the post highlighted his goofiness.

2. Lous_Pages reads and reviews vampire books, which I adore for the most part, but I also noticed in the favorite books widget for Good Reads, Lous Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald is listed, which is a book that I enjoyed greatly.

3. Belle of the Books and I appear to have the same thoughts on the Twilight movie; it wasn’t our favorite, but it didn’t totally disappoint.

4. Words ‘n Wags is another NaNoWriMo participant this year, though I have failed miserably this year in nearing the 50K word count. This blog isn’t all about writing and reading, however. I love the little posts about her dogs. Can I just say that I love my dog and I love people who love dogs or love their dogs as much as I love mine. 🙂 In this case, maybe the love of dogs plays a role in the title of the blog?!

5. Sophisticated Dorkiness drew my attention because 1. I’m a self-proclaimed dork, 2. the title is perfect and I love it. Check out the little drawing based upon a piece of literature. The story it is based upon is one of my favorites.

As an aside, I received my “Secret Santa” gift today in the mail for the Book Bloggers Gift Exchange, but I will not open it. I try to keep my cool and open these gifts on the actual holiday.