Vampire Thursday

My Friend Amy has declared this Vampire Thursday! How did she know that vampires are my favorite topic and often a subject of my short stories and novels. . . at least since I started watching Blood Ties and Moonlight, which have sadly come to an end.

Moonlight is coming out on DVD in January 2009, and you can be sure that it is on the top of my list. Want to see why? Here’s a couple of yummy photos of the lead Vamp–Alex O’Loughlin, who portrays Mick St. John, a private investigator.

This is a behind the scenes photo I found of Alex O’Loughlin online. He’s a hot Aussie! I do have another image from the show where he is vamped out. Yeah, you have to love a hot looking vampire.

Ok, so why are all the vampires on these television shows so hot? I guess when you are turned you are no longer ugly or average. Things certainly improve when you become a vampire.

As for my other vampire television show, Blood Ties, which is based upon a vampire series by Tanya Huff, the DVD release date is unknown. I hope the powers that be will release this other show as well. I do have a few images to share with you. Check out the lead vamp–Kyle Schmid, who portrays Henry Fitzroy, the bastard son of Henry VIII. Vicki Nelson, Christina Cox, is a private investigator with a degenerative eye disease, and Henry Fitzroy is a graphic novelist at least in the present day.

Have you had enough of my vampire television shows yet? I could go on and on…Another of my favorites is Forever Knight, with a lead vampire cop, Nick Knight, who only worked the graveyard shift and fell in love with the coroner.

Check out the video from the show.

I hope you enjoyed my vampire post today; I figured that many other bloggers would be talking books. One of my favorite vampire shows is based on a set of books, that counts right?! Have a great Halloween everyone!

Don’t forget:

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