Blog Update

Country Road 2
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In case you haven’t noticed, changes are here and more are around the bend.

First off, I want to alert everyone to my sidebar and the Contests! section highlighting a variety of contests and their deadlines. The first new feature on my blog that I hope helps everyone find contests they are interested in and new blogs they can check out.

Secondly, check out Hubbub Around the Blogosphere in the sidebar as well where I list some great articles that raise awareness and issues from fellow bloggers, which may or may not involve books, authors, and others.

Thirdly, I have added a Slideshow of my photos from my Flickr for those interested in photography and any of the events I’ve talked about. The camera is not far behind my pen and pad when I attend book and poetry events. I figured that would be a great way to incorporate both here on my blog.

Other notable elements on my blog are images and links to some good friends of mine and their journals or respective services. For instance, check out Teddy’s Takes, especially if you are a movie buff and want a chance to win great prizes as a subscriber. I’ve also got links to Beltway Poetry Quarterly, the Fall Into Reading Challenge, and Nanowrimo.

I hope these links are helpful and informative. I’m still working on some more regular features unique to this blog, so stay tuned.

***Don’t forget to enter my contest for A Grave in the Air