Producers Stink; Blood Ties Saga (Repost)

I just found out online today that the last two episodes of Blood Ties on Lifetime will not be aired on television, but online.

I have three problems with this idea.

1. It is inconvenient for viewers to track down episodes on the Lifetime Website, which I generally find confusing and hard to use in the first place.

2. Paying for episodes on iTunes when I already pay for the channel and service through my cable provider is like paying twice for one haircut. I find that to be a rip-off.

3. Isn’t this exactly why writers are on strike in Hollywood? So they can be paid for their work appropriately regardless of what medium it is shown on?! I am appalled by the business of Hollywood and the lack of respect given to writers whose creativity and ability to string words and images together is the reason television and movies have blossomed in the first place. As a writer, I find it completely unprofessional for a firm to not pay me for work. It takes a while to come up with the best images and words to convey a story, poem, play, or show. My hard work and that of other writers should be appreciated in the same way that construction workers’ sweat is appreciated.

I’ve grown to love Blood Ties and the characters, but do I love them enough to watch episodes online and deny the writers payment? I think not. I am appalled by Lifetime’s decision. I watched Blood Ties on a whim, and then got involved with the characters to the point that I needed to get the books to read those stories. I hope that the outraged viewers can send a message to Hollywood and Lifetime, especially about the Blood Ties show.

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