World Book Night 2013

What is World Book Night?

It is one night during the year where book lovers go out in their communities and talk about the books they have loved to those who do not read or seldom do. The program provides givers with the books to hand out — 20 per box — and the givers spend the day/evening out talking about the book they receive.

Who is a Giver?

Anyone who applies and is accepted. This year, my book club — Eclectic Bookworms — signed up and we were lucky enough to be selected to receive 20 paperback copies of City of Thieves by David Benioff.  I picked up the box at my local bookstore Novel Places, which due to some relocation issues could not throw a reception for us.

We divided our box over the weekend and each of us ended up with 4 books each to give away, though one of our members bowed out of the experience.  And since each of us lives in a different part of Maryland, we thought we would cover more ground.  Heck 2 of my copies went to D.C. this morning with my husband, the non-reader, who took them to the office.  I will be checking out my non-readers here in the neighborhood later in the evening to convince them to grab a copy.

My book club really enjoyed Benioff’s book and it produced a lively discussion, appealing to both men and women in the group.  I cannot wait to hear from the other members to see how their efforts fared and where they handed out their copies.  I’ll update this post with any news.

As I haven’t participated in previous years, this is an all new experience, and I’d love to get some ideas about other great places to try and hand out books.

Did you participate? Where did you hand out your copies? And which book did you receive?