Guest Post: John Aubrey Anderson, Author of The Cool Woman

John Aubrey Anderson‘s The Cool Woman is a novel that is on my Vietnam War reading list, and I plan to read and review it here before the end of the year.   Book Reviews by Molly already reviewed the book, so check that out.

In the meantime, I’ve got a treat for you!  I’m going to tantalize you with a portion of the author’s guest post, which you can read in full at War Through the Generations.

Check out an excerpt and then head on over.

As part of a school project, my granddaughter was required to interview a Vietnam War vet . . . she chose me. Her questions served to remind me . . . that I was relaxed about going to Vietnam because that was my job, that I wept when we buried one of my best friends in Arlington National Cemetery, and that my best memory of that part of my life is of returning home to my family.

The reality of the hell of war cannot be captured in the written word — be it fact or fiction. Nonetheless, I chose the chaos of the war in Vietnam as the backdrop for my fourth novel, The Cool Woman, because I wanted my main characters in an environment that would help “refine their thinking.” I tell much of the story from the cockpit — a vantage point familiar to me.

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First, I wanted to say thank you for all the support you’ve all given me since the passing of my grandfather.  It has helped.

Second, you may have noticed that I’ve only read 8 of the 11 books I had hoped to read for the Vietnam War Challenge at War Through the Generations, and that I haven’t posted a review for that challenge since July.   I hope to have some additional reviews for this challenge read by the end of the year, so stay tuned.

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In light of that, I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a recent Vietnam War guest post from author Phyllis Zimbler Miller about where she was during the war.  We’d love to hear your thoughts about where you or your loved ones may have been during that time as well, so feel free to comment.

Thanks to everyone participating in the challenge for their patience and understanding about the lack of updates . . . it has been a rough year, and I take the blame for this one since the Vietnam War was supposed to be my year to take care of the updates.