Submissions Update

Many of you may be aware that I’ve been on a mission of late to submit my poems to magazines and journals and to finally finish up a poetry manuscript that has been shut away for a very long time.

Since the end of September 2015:

  • I’ve submitted to 11 journals and 1 chapbook contest
  • Of those, I’ve received 5 rejections and 1 acceptance

Some of the poems submitted have been resubmitted to different magazines after their rejections, so I keep them constantly circulating.

The one poem that has been accepted is a haiku, and it will be published in Wild Plum.

The wonderfully talented poet Nadia Gerassimenko published some of my previously published and unpublished poems at her website, tepid autumn. Feel free to stop by and comment.

Despite all of this project, I did miss 2 deadlines I had hoped to meet for other competitions, but sometimes the day job is tiring and the family needs me, so I have to let those things go.

What have you been up to?