Female Force by Neal Bailey, Ryan Howe, and Joshua LaBello

Bluewater ProductionsFemale Force by Neal Bailey, Ryan Howe, and Joshua LaBello is a compilation of stories about some of the strongest women in politics — Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Caroline Kennedy.  The comic book is well drawn, with very realistic images of these figures.

The book starts off with Michelle Obama unveiling her childhood, her determination to do well in school, and her success in becoming a mother and attorney, long before meeting her future husband, Barack Obama.  It was interesting to learn that she put off marrying Barack for a long while, even after her brother gave her his blessing.  But the story doesn’t end there; it continues through the campaign trail in Chicago and for the presidency.

Hillary Clinton’s story also begins wither her past, beginning with her childhood in Chicago and moving through the presidential campaign.  This pattern is followed with Sarah Palin as well.

These comics will help young readers and older readers get a better grasp on these women and the role they play in politics today.  The illustrations are vivid and detailed, resembling each political figure accurately.  Readers interested in a bit of sarcasm and another point of view of politics will enjoy these stories, and young women can look to them for inspiration.

This is my 19th book for the 2010 New Authors Reading Challenge.

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