Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree by Cristina Hanif, illustrated by Murray Stenton

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Paperback, 34 pgs.
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Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree by Cristina Hanif, illustrated by Murray Stenton, is a delightful exploration of imagination for children, and it reminds adults that there is a time to slow down and spend time with their kids. As I did a preliminary edit of Cristina’s manuscript, I’m just going to give you what my daughter thought about the book and what I observed when she was reading it out loud for her homework, rather than my normal review format.

My daughter really carefully looked at each, vivid illustration. She was engaged with the characters and the story. As she read, she did stumble a bit over more challenging words like “original” and “differentiate,” but for the most part, she kept reading. One point she looked up at me and said the illustrations did not look like the family they are modeled on, except for the boys. She also thought the story was a bit long, but I chalked that up to her having to read before dinner and before we headed out for her evening music class. She told me that her favorite part was the gnomes, the library, and the adventure in the woods.

RATING from my daughter: Quatrain

First Books 2019

Sheila at Book Journey always hosts the First Book event. Here’s this year’s post.

My daughter and I decided to participate this year, so we hope you’ll check out the post and join us today.

We had some errands earlier in the day, so this post is a bit late.

My daughter chose to read a debut children’s book by Cristina Hanif today.  We met her through her soccer team, and I helped her find a publisher and get her words into print. We’re very excited to help her in a small way reach her goal of publishing Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree.

I chose to read The Night Circus, which many have already read and enjoyed and which Anna bought me ages ago.