In 2016, the Most Anticipated Book…

First things first!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Out of the 178 books I read in 2015, nearly 50 of them were 5 star reads for me, which I think is unprecedented.

My one caveat about that is that some of those books were children’s books, for which the ratings are based on both my viewpoint and my daughter’s reaction to them.

For 2016, there are so many books published each year, which can be tough to keep up with.

However, there is always that one book that everyone wants to read, and then there is the book I’m most looking forward to.

My most anticipated book in 2016 is:

This Is the Story of You by Beth Kephart, which publishes in April (so far away!), and I’ve already pre-ordered it.  Kephart’s books rarely receive less than 4 stars from me, and I cannot sing her poetic praises enough.  Her books range from memoir to young adult and adult fiction.

While I still hope for a poetry collection from her someday, I’ll keep reading her books no matter what they are.

During a most-devastating event, reminiscent of Superstorm Sandy that swept away much of the Northeast’s coastline — changing it forever — Mira Banul and her friends, who live on barrier island Haven year round, are forced to deal with the unknown.  A friend obsessed with vanishing disappears and Mira’s mother and brother become stranded.  I expect nature to become a force to be reckoned with here, and I expect Mira’s strength to become a rival, if not champion, over this force of nature that has turned her world upside down.

I want to know about the books you are most excited about.  Please leave the titles and a little bit about why you want to read them in the comments.